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  • Frank

    Not sure I actually like the new site.  The old site (my opinion) was better, and friendlier. The new site strikes me as garish, and overly political.  When I opened the site this morning, I thought I was some political news site.  While politics are important, and we as Catholics are facing grave threats from the administration, I think a Catholic web site should “look” more Catholic, and less political.  Just my $0.02.

  • Dan

    Great look to the new CE website. Easier to navigate, lnks in the Church Today for spiritual growth and news articles to stay current with our world. Great work! Thanks.

  • Stephen

    I have been with CE from the VERY beginning.  It has been my home page for as long as it’s been around. It’s is the homepage for every computer in my house.  I love the content, columns and authors. But I agree with Frank.  The other site had much better design and cleaner feel to it.  This is busy and it feels very political.  The fire-engine red just screams at you.   This is worst design you have ever had. 

    Because it looks like a news magazine, with back and red as primary colors (very lackluster and unimaginative), it won’t remain my homepage.  It is not inviting.    I am just very disappointed with this new direction.  Keep in mind the tone of the page frames the news you produce.  And this page feel harsh and dire. Sorry I am trying to be constructive.  My wife just described it as very “Time Square-ish” (aka busy and overwhelming)