Syria: No Faith in Obama

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fistsThe international community is sharply divided over the question of Syria. The issue isn’t solely whether the United States should strike Syria as punishment for a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians, including children, but the ultimate source of that attack. President Obama argues that the Assad regime—that is, the Syrian government—was behind the attack. To the contrary, the Russians, led by Vladimir Putin, insist the Assad regime wasn’t behind the attack. The Russians claim that radical Islamists were behind the attack in an attempt to frame Assad—which, for the record, is a completely plausible scenario.

So, who do we believe? President Obama or President Putin?

That’s a choice that I, as a Catholic, don’t relish.

Certainly, I have no faith in Vladimir Putin, a corrupt ex-KGB official who, among other things, has left a trail of dead dissident journalists along his path to absolute power.

At the same time, I’m sorry to say, as a Catholic American, that I can’t place my faith in Barack Obama either. Here’s a president—the first and only in the history of this nation—who insists on forcing me, as a Catholic, to fund things completely against my conscience and the long, historic teachings of my Church, from abortion drugs to Planned Parenthood. All along, he assures me and my Church that he will not force us to pay for these things, that our historic religious liberty is the same it has always been, when it clearly isn’t.

No other president ever, Republican or Democrat, has demanded these things or governed in this way. And as he does, President Obama insists he’s a champion of religious freedom. Indeed, he frames his Syria policy as an extension of his belief in religious freedom.

Sorry, I can’t buy it—just as I likewise learned I couldn’t trust Obama’s onetime insistence on marriage as a sacred bond between one man and one woman.

Now, he asks me to believe what his says about Syria. Sorry, Mr. President, but I’ve learned that I can’t accept your word.


For Catholic Exchange dot com and Ave Maria Radio, I’m Paul Kengor.

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Dr. Paul Kengor


Dr. Paul Kengor is professor of political science at Grove City College and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values. His books include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism” and “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century.”

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  • BillinJax

    I agree and here is my take on our president.

    Obama is an avowed abolitionist, not exactly like the Abe
    Lincoln he would like us believe he is or could ever be. He would rather have
    us abolish outdated religious norms which inhibit the process of implementing his
    version of human rights such as homosexual marriage, assisted suicide, and human
    cloning not to mention our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.
    Obama is a self styled and self inspired slick orator who
    appealed to those open to class warfare or the spiritually and morally adrift with
    a broken rudder and searching sails looking for any new breeze to move their
    twisted emotions. His obsession with himself and his ideas miraculously manipulated
    by his handlers coupled with the sudden power he has obtained has loosed his
    lips to proclaim his hearts desire to transform society to fit his notion of socialist
    Utopia with a new age religion of secular relativity.
    Knowing and keenly aware personally of the fact that the
    election of 2008 put in the White House the most pro-abortion and anti-Christian
    president America could have ever imagined, he was quick to proudly and
    prophetically announce to the world what he had dreamed to proclaim, that
    “America is no longer a Christian nation…”
    The obscure local Chicago community organizer had, with all
    the subtlety of a politically contrived hurricane from hell, progressed from
    being a candidate with a pay scale too low to judge when life begins to over
    night becoming a president and secular messiah suddenly able to proudly
    defending partial birth abortions and leaving helpless living abortion
    surviving infants unattended until they die on the blood soaked floors of
    Planned Parenthood clinics or hospital operating rooms.

    All this under the guise of being “Christian” and getting
    daily scripture verses from his minister who amazingly heaps praise on Obama
    for guiding our ship of state by following in the foot steps of Jesus. Is this not deceitful debauchery run wild?

  • Zak

    Well stated Dr. Kengor – I feel the same way about both President Putin and President Obama. I also read recently where North Korea just closed down one of its concentration camps – and may have killed up to 20 thousand people in the process. Why is this ‘humanitarian’ gesture for Syria not encompassing those in Korea as well? Why are there NO statements on what just recently happened in N. Korea? (see

  • Yvonne

    I am with you. “I can’t take his word” either.

  • Eliz33

    Yes. I see his duplicity clearly. May God open the eyes and hearts of all Americans.

  • Pamela

    Dare I say it, but I want to trust Putin over Obama on this issue. The only solution to this mess is to go over the heads of both of these horrible leaders, directly to our Creator, and beg for His forgiveness and mercy. As our parish priest reminded us in this morning’s homily, the Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima in 1917 to warn us of conflicts with Russia and of nation going against nation, with much suffering and death — unless humanity converts and repents. She asked for us to say the Rosary daily. We the faithful need to be on our knees praying fervently for the rest of the world to join us in prayer. It is our only hope.

  • kirk

    Dr Kengor- I am sad to say that you and those who agree with you have totally missed the point. The point is not POTUS, or PUTIN, but what is happening in Syria. Can you just step back from your high horse and consider for a moment what it may have been like for a people, already scarred and scared by intense violence perpetrated by their government, to be gassed out of existence? The luckier ones (or perhaps unlucky ones) looked on to see their children, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives falling victim to a poison gas they could not see, but wracking their bodies in horribly painful ways until they died – hundreds of them in a few minutes.
    But, you sit back in your hypocritical easy chairs and blame it all on a president they have issues with. It is not the president who went over there, did the experiments and found evidence that Asaad was behind it. But, you don’t believe it because you don’t like Obama! You’d rather believe real killers like Putin or Asaad. We espouse “Right to Life” – but, it seems, only for ourselves.
    History is clear – the US was in a similar “Stay out of it” mode back in the 40’s while millions of Jews, Catholics, cripples and the unlucky, were gassed to death. Americans preferred to sit in their easy chairs, reading the news with indifference because it was not we who were being gassed – until we were drawn into the war by the bombing of our Navy in the Pacific.
    I often wonder what would have happened if Hitler had won WW2 – and what will happen if we do not intervene to stop the madman in Syria from anihilating his own people. What will history say of us in the next decades? I hope they blame the right people.

  • Howard M Ccomber

    Bravo. The despots that have fallen prey to this administration have opened the door to more gruesome governments: The Muslim Brotherhood; The continued attacks against inicents in Iraq; The continued presence and fearfull acts of the Taliban, and Oh, Al Qaida is NOT on the run. They have mmerely recruited new members in other nations such as Lebenon, Somalia, etc. In other words, an election cannot come soon enough to clean the White House. The president has shown his true colors and those who follow the Church, the Catholic Church and her teachings can no longer stomach his rhetoric. May God have mercy on him when he is called to Judgment. I will pray for him and those whom he has detroyed in the process for this is what Christ taught.

  • BillinJax

    This could be Obama’s Cambridge moment. It is his turn to “act stupidly” and run out and arrest and punish who ever the accused happens to be that are apparently breaking the law even though those involved live in the crime zone and claim ownership.

  • april

    kirk – you state “looked on as . . falling victim to a poison . .wracking their bodies in a horribly painful way until they died- hundreds of them in a few minutes” you have described legalized abortion as it is being carried out as I type across this nation – what is Obama doing to end this tragic violation ????

  • kirk

    “Legalized abortion” was not the subject of this column. That’s the way it always is – when anyone dares to contradict something in a CE column – you change the subject, because you don’t have a good answer to the contradiction. No doubt you didn’t really read what i said, or you are too one-sided to understand or to care.

  • Dave

    It grieves me to listen to the stand-in president tell us that so many children were gassed/killed in Syria when he’s all about aborting children in this country. He is so misled.

  • Dave

    Assuming it was proved that Assad was responsible for the attack, I could understand your position. But really, is the United States the policeman of the world? You seem to assume that we are. Do you really believe Assad is even 1/100 the threat of Hitler? Because that is important under the evaluation of just war theory. With Hitler, we faced the real possibility of worldwide tyranny. Assad is just another local warlord, and it’s not even clear that he was the one who used the chemical weapons.

  • Ed

    Where do we get the moral authority to condemn Syria for killing 400+ of its children with Sarin gas when we practice infanticide by killing over 53,000,000 children in the womb since Roe vs. Wade became the law of the land? Shame on us!!!

  • april

    DID read your piece, and I KNOW that abortion was NOT the subject of Dr. Kengor’s piece I changed the subject because I CAN, not because I don’t have comment regarding your contradiction. Want to clarify, I’m not one-sided, just interested in bringing up a connection that others might be willing to ponder.

  • QuoVadisAnima

    Kirk, why is the horrific poisoning death of a 1000 people more outrageous than the butchering of 100,000 in Syria? And what exactly is it that you envision the U.S. being able to accomplish in Syria?