Survey Says Majority of UK Catholic Priests Reject Teaching on Contraception

LONDON &#0151 A survey of Catholic priests in England and Wales has revealed that 62 percent reject the Church's teaching on contraception with some 43% “actively opposing” it. The survey, which was responded to by over 25% of all priests, indicated that 21% believed practicing homosexuals should be permitted in the priesthood.

Twenty-five percent said they believed a woman could be ordained a bishop and 40% were in favor of permitting divorce. One in ten did not believe pedophilia should bar priests from active ministry.

Regarding homosexuality, younger priests demonstrated far more divergence from Church teaching. 80% of priests over 60 said practicing homosexuals should be barred from active ministry but that percentage fell to 47% for those under 45.

See the coverage in The Telegraph.

(This update courtesy of LifeSite News.)

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