Homily of the Day

Surrendering to Christ

Due to our all too human imperfections, we are frequently confronted with self-doubt, apprehensions and anxiety in many aspects of our daily lives. We are oftentimes confused, lost in the haze of numerous options, burdened with uncertainty. Rare indeed is the person that possesses the conviction that one is on the right track, with all thoughts and actions leading to the achievement of one’s goals.

Our Lord Jesus offers an unequivocal answer to our fears and concerns: Believe in Him. Simply open our hearts to the One whom God has sent. Trust in Jesus that He has our best interest at heart and that through Him, we will know right from wrong.

Does this mean we shall always have an easy path? Of course not!

In the First Reading, people jealous of his wisdom and his eloquence derived from the Holy Spirit, falsely accused Stephen. And yet, through it all, he remained resolute, having the face of an angel amidst harm and suffering while steadfastly declaring his belief in the one true God.


Today’s Gospel reading speaks as well of the struggle of the Jews in searching for Jesus in their desire to sate physical hunger. When they found Him, Jesus provides instead the means to allow man to be able to bask in God’s eternal glory.

Let us pray that we learn to humbly, courageously and happily accept and surrender to the warm embrace of our loving God.