Surgeon General Pick is Excellent

Catholic League president Bill Donohue praised President Barack Obama for his selection of Dr. Regina Benjamin as the new Surgeon General:

President Obama picked the right person to be the new Surgeon General. Dr. Benjamin is a hero to all those victimized by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Her tireless and selfless efforts are a model for all physicians.

Dr. Benjamin is an African-American Catholic public servant who has been recognized by Pope Benedict XVI: the Holy Father awarded her the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal for distinguished service. When the pope celebrated Mass in Washington, D.C. in 2008, Dr. Benjamin was there to receive his blessing. Moreover, she has also received the National Caring Award, an honor which was inspired by Mother Teresa. “Church was always a very important part of my life,” she told Catholic Digest. “I believe I am carrying on the healing ministry of Christ. I feel obligated to help continue his works.”

Kudos to President Obama and congratulations to Dr. Benjamin. She should sail through the Senate.

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  • Deo Gratias, somebody as different from Jocelyn Elders as possible!

  • cdyke

    The Catholic League’s endorsement is definitely positive. Do we know, however, Dr. Benjamin approach to life issues?

  • bernadette

    I am sorry to hear the Catholic League’s quick positive response, because an article in LifeNews tells us that Dr. Benjamin endorses Doctors learning how to do abortions. See the following:

  • Ann

    Nevermind. Just heard on Relevant Radio that Drew Mariani found a lot of background info supporting the fact that Dr. Benjamin has promoted making abortion techniques mandatory for medical schools.

    WHY did we think Obama could make a rational and sound choice?!?!?!

  • Ann
  • helenrose234

    Has Bill lost his mind?
    He needs to do his homework – this woman is pro-abort!