Support for Repealing Health Care Bill Higher than Ever: Rasmussen

Nearly two out of three U.S. voters now want to see the federal health care law repealed, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday.

In the latest poll surveying 1,000 likely voters over the weekend, only 32 percent of U.S. voters oppose repealing the law, which includes provisions to radically expand abortion with taxpayer funds. Among those, 46 percent “strongly favor” repeal, while 25% “strongly oppose” such a move.

Most Democrats still support the measure, whereas both Republicans and independents show “sizeable majorities” hoping to see the massive overhaul repealed.

The latest numbers represent a jump in opposition to the federal health care law: before the most recent survey, support for repeal wavered between 54 percent and 58 percent. Just one in three now consider the health care law good for America, the lowest number in polling so far, while 55 percent say it will be bad for the nation.

Meanwhile, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows support for Obama dropping as a temporary surge in Democrat support, spurred by passage of the health bill in March, continues to wane. One out of four U.S. voters “strongly approve” of President Obama’s job performance, while 43% “strongly disapprove,” giving Obama an approval index rating of -18.

Earlier this month, hard feelings against the law’s massive price tag were solidified by the latest estimate from the Congressional Budget Office, which showed that the measure’s discretionary spending tacked on about another $115 billion to estimated costs over the next ten years.

Last week, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ pro-life committee, urged Congress in an open letter to pass the Protect Life Act, which aims to amend the health care overhaul’s serious flaws in matters of life and conscience rights.

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