Stay Awake

First Reading: 1 Cor. 1:17-25

Psalm: Ps. 33:1-2, 4-5, 10-11

Gospel: Mt. 25:1-13

The message of today’s gospel is simply to stay awake and be prepared for His Second Coming.

But in what manner do we prepare? Do we making sure we attend Sunday Mass regularly? Do we go to confession at least twice a year? Or do we help the poor or our less fortunate brothers through donations of money or in kind?

St. Paultells us that the wisdom of the world will not be helpful in bringing ourselves to God. In other words, it is God who sets the standards for our salvation. Just because we attend Mass more frequently than others or that we confess our sins once a month, we are much better prepared to enter heaven than our neighbor.

Preparation, by Jesus’ definition, is not only in how well we visibly participate in our church, but also how much we have internalized our beliefs and faith in our hearts. For as the world
measures a person’s esteem via his or her credentials and achievements, Jesus will measure us via how much we have surrendered ourselves to his teachings and love.

The bridesmaids who could not join the wedding feast apparently did not take their roles seriously enough to ensure that their lamps had enough oil. How seriously do we take our roles as Christians in our Church?

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