Statement Regarding Planned Parenthood

In early November, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) broke ground on a new headquarters and clinic in northeast Denver.  Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains purchased this property secretly under the guise of Fuller 38 LLC.

Planned Parenthood told the Denver Post that PPRM planned to complete the entire project in secrecy to avoid protests and delays that other Planned Parenthood buildings have encountered around the country.  The new PPRM location is 7155 E. 38th Denver.  The entire project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2008 and the general contractor for the project is the Weitz Company LLC.

The public deserves to know the facts about Planned Parenthood. The national organization is among the leading abortion providers, performing across the nation 264,943 abortion procedures in 2005 alone, a 29% increase since 2000.  Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has stated that it served 125,000 patients in five states, including Colorado, last year and of those 8,800 received abortions.

Teens and young people are the primary customers for their services and information, which include the distribution of contraception, emergency contraception and chemical and surgical abortions.  Nationally 70 % of Planned Parenthoods customers are under age 25 and 27% are under age 19. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is a supplier of graphic and explicit sex educational materials. These materials are being used in some Colorado's public schools.  

Planned Parenthood calls itself pro-child, pro-woman, and pro-family.  Yet it is an organization based on falsehoods about the human person, the family and community life.

When a minor comes to Planned Parenthood, she is provided information on contraception, sex education and treatment of STDs without parental notification.  How can Planned Parenthood justify calling itself pro-family or pro-child when it intrudes itself between a child and parent? 

Planned Parenthood vigorously opposes any legislation that would provide advance medical information pertaining to an abortion procedure, and opposes any legislation that would provide a woman, who is seeking an abortion, knowledge of her unborn child's development or information regarding alternatives to abortion.  Considering the psychological and physical effects of abortion on a woman, how can it Planned Parenthood call itself pro-woman and oppose widespread access to advanced information?

We, the Catholic bishops of Colorado, deplore the negative impact of the actions and philosophy of PPRM.  We urge the Catholic community and all people of good will to defend themselves and their beliefs against Planned Parenthood by every legal and ethical means at their disposal.  We ask all Catholics to pray, within their families and parish communities, that the dignity and sanctity of every human life will be upheld at all stages of development.

Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. – Archbishop of Denver

Most Reverend Arthur N. Tafoya, D.D. – Bishop of Pueblo

Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan, S.T.D – Bishop of Colorado Springs

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput


Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. is the ninth and current Archbishop of Philadelphia, serving since his installation on September 8, 2011

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  • Guest

    These Shepherds are to be commended for their vigilance. When a project that will provide service to the community is under construction there is always a big billboard advertising the company and benefactor. PPA is too humble.

  • Guest

    Planned Parenthood is using this underhanded tactic all over the country.

    See this site to get the details of the Aurora, Illinois deception:



    Fighting Irish often posts here and at Friends of Catholic Exchange. He and his own holy family gave it their all in Aurora.


    Remember – God does not measure our successes but our efforts and devotion.


  • Guest

    From the veiwpoint of an engineer, has the Archdiocese considered any action agaist Weitz Construction?  I would assume that based on national polls, 40-60% of the employees woudn't be in favor of the construction of that facility.  Flyers on car windows, etc would be very effective in turning an employee force against managment at Weitz.

  • Guest

    These bishops are true shepherds leading their flock.

    I pray that their flock will respond and go into action to tell the community the truth about PPRM. The Catholic laity can be awesome when energized to do God's work.

    Planned Parenthood is truly the incarnation of evil in our society. This devil stalks about seeking the destruction of souls in the guise of a pro-child, pro-woman, and pro-family organization. The public needs to know the threat that PPRM poses to their families. 

  • Guest

    Planned Parenthood could be called the “Beast” as in Revelation. It is a very powerfull well funded international organization. It is in bed with governments around the world and with the United Nations. If the Pro-Life Movement wants make a big gains, expose Planned Parenthood for what it is. Put light on how much money they are recieving from all these governments and the Unite Nations. It is Enemy Number One to babies and families!