St. Ischyrion, Martyr

Ischyrion was a Christian who lived in the third century.  He was a lowly attendant to an Egyptian magistrate. When one day his master commanded him to offer sacrifices to idols, Ischyrion refused.  Furious that his servant would dare to refuse him, the magistrate had him killed in a most savage way: a stake was run into his bowels, impaling him.

Certainly Ischyrion was an obedient, industrious, and faithful servant.  His master must have been shocked that such a humble and diligent steward would even think of refusing him anything.  He would have been even more amazed that this lowly servant would be so courageous, knowing that he would surely lose his life over his refusal to obey his master.

As we know, the blood of martyrs is the seed of our faith.  It is through the courageous and pious acts of these Christians that Christianity has grown and spread throughout the world.  Who could fail to believe someone who is not only willing to die for his or her beliefs, but to chance torture as well?  This is a very strong witness to our Christian faith.

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Like Ischyrion, we have to be willing to lay down our lives for our faith.  However, in most instances, we are only called to witness or to correct an evil — and how many have failed in this?  We shouldn’t fear, though, that we will not be ready to die for our faith if we stay close to our Lord and ask Him for the grace. 


Lord, grant us the grace to be courageous in times of peril and to stand fast in our faith always, knowing that You are with us, even unto death.  Amen.