Spiritual Battle Isn’t about the Winning Team

[Editor’s Note: the following letters are in response to Mark Shea’s article, Spiritual Warfare.]

Well said, Mr. Shea.

Thank you for saying so well what is truth. For many who remain tied to a worldly perspective, it is simply all about being on the winning team. It's about how I better my own interests or those of my family or associates. It is, sadly, too little about what Jesus wants for us and for all. A firm commitment to Jesus brings everything else into unbelievable clarity. It is true — our battle is not with flesh. There is always more going on than the secular mind perceives.

God bless you.

Brion Blais

Dear Mr. Blais:

Much obliged!

Mark Shea

Dear Mark,

Thanks for another well written article. Fanatical Muslims and American agnostics have caused my own self-examination which, in turn, has led to a more profound prayer life. Good can indeed come from evil, but hopefully not carrying with it a “Thank God I'm not like them” attitude. Prayer without love will not convert sinners and I'm working vigorously on the “Love Thy Neighbor” part. It ain't easy. Please pray for me as I pray for you. Keep that pen active, it's doing lots of good.


Dave Nezat

Dear Mr. Nezat:

Thanks for your kind words and your prayers! May God continue to bless you as you seek to know and obey him in love!

Mark Shea

Senior Content Editor

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