All of us have speedbumps.  You know, those occasional annoyances that throw off the routine and flow of life.  I've just begun an MBA program with Marylhurst University and it requires between 15-20 hours of work each week.  As long as I stick to my 8-9:30pm discipline of doing course work, I'm a-ok.  Unless of course there is a speedbump.

One such bump occured last week as I attended Holy Hour during one of my "school nights".  This threw me off and the result was an entire Sunday spent on a paper- not exactly my idea of a restful Sabbath. 

When it comes to speedbumps, the unexpected ones are good fodder for our ability to respond and then get back to a place of focus.  As for the predictable bumps (like a PTA meeting, attending your son's basketball game, etc.), the trick is to anticipate and plan accordingly.  What I should have done last week was put in extra time on Wednesday and Friday.  This would have compensated for my lost evening at Holy Hour.  Ah well, live and learn.  The old Benedictine slogan still holds true today: ora et labora (pray and work).


For more information about avoiding the speedbumps (or even the potholes!) in your life, visit www.mikestpierre.com 

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