A Special Note from CE’s President

It has become increasingly difficult to protect our homes — and our own souls! — from the pervasive culture we live in.

Perhaps you, like me, struggle to stay on the offense because you’re too busy playing defense.  We’re scrambling to put out spiritual fires, only hoping that through God’s mercy we can one day catch a glimpse of heaven.

These are not battles we can fight alone.

Saint after saint tells us what we must do—immerse ourselves not only in prayer and the sacraments, but also in good spiritual reading that gives us confidence, consolation, and encouragement.


That’s why each day Catholic Exchange gives you the knowledge, insights, and guidance you need to overcome obstacles and lead a life of faith—and the tools you need to fortify yourself and your family for the spiritual struggles that are sure to come.

But as the work of the Evil One expands, so must ours.  It is imperative that Catholic Exchange surge forward in the number of souls she reaches with spiritual guidance—and we need your help.

To expand the content and readership of Catholic Exchange—and to cover even the basic costs of operating Catholic Exchange—requires a substantial financial investment of $60,000 each year.

We’ve raised only $30,000 of the funds we need.  That’s only half the funds we need to keep Catholic Exchange growing and thriving!

So I have no choice but to turn to you again and ask for your tax-deductible financial support.

Sophia Institute Press, the parent apostolate of Catholic Exchange, absorbs all of the overhead costs of operating Catholic Exchange. That means that…

100% OF EVERY DOLLAR you give will go to guiding souls to Christ and nurturing in them—and in you—a profound love for Our Lord.

$5,000 a month is all we need.

Could you sponsor the month of January for us by sending $5,000?  Or half of January for $2,500?

Can you go to this page and make a donation of $1,000, or $500, $250, or even $100, $50 or $25?

Or might you go to our website at this link and become a monthly donor, which helps us now and helps us plan for the future? $100 a month? Could you afford $50 or $25 per month?  How about even $10 or $5?

Anything you give will help.  No amount is too large—and no amount too small.

And whether or not you contribute, please pray for our apostolate.

Thank you, and may God bless you!


You may make an online contribution by
visiting our secure online donation page.

You may send a check to:

Catholic Exchange
PO Box 5284
Manchester, NH 03108

You may make a donation by phone at


Charlie McKinney


Charlie McKinney is the President of Catholic Exchange.

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