A Special Note from Catholic Exchange

Catholic Exchange needs to raise $25,000 right away to support our operations over the next several months.  Yesterday’s email raised $1,200 — far short of our goal, and far short of our needs.

That’s why I have to write to you again with such urgency, asking you to consider supporting the important work of Catholic Exchange.

Everything you find on Catholic Exchange is free, but it is not free to produce.

In fact, it costs about $100,000 each year to produce Catholic Exchange. This covers all the essential costs needed to operate a high-quality Catholic web site that provides you with as much content as we do.

Advertising covers some of these costs, but not nearly enough. That’s why we have to turn to you from time to time and ask you to financially support us and keep our apostolate alive.

Will you please help today?

Catholic Exchange reaches thousands of souls each day with reliably orthodox and spiritually enriching articles that help you grow in your Faith and keep you on the path to holiness.

In fact, under the leadership of our editor, Michael Lichens, the reach of Catholic Exchange has expanded greatly over the past six months.  Consider the following . . .

  • Daily readership has increased by 40%, sometimes reaching more than 20,000 souls at a time.
  • Our social media presence has expanded to nearly 60,000 readers on Facebook.
  • CE is now easily readable on mobile devices due to several upgrades earlier this year.
  • New and talented authors bring you fresh content on a daily basis.

You know how Catholic Exchange impacts you.

It touches countless other souls as well.  But our work simply cannot continue without financial support.

As I said, we need to raise $25,000, and yesterday’s email raised only $1,200.

That worries me.  It worries me a lot!  Because I do not want to cut back on the level of faithfully Catholic material we provide each day.  But if we cannot cover our basic costs, we’ll have no choice.

Please consider making as large of a contribution to Catholic Exchange as you can.

But the best way you can support Catholic Exchange is by becoming a monthly contributor by choosing that option on the second line of our donation form.

Anything you give will help.  No amount is too large — and no amount too small.

Thank you, and God bless,

Charlie McKinney


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Charlie McKinney


Charlie McKinney is the President of Catholic Exchange.

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