Speaker Pelosi Determines “Christianity Has Not Been Harmed” by Last Supper Mockery

Following the discovery of an ad for a sadomasochistic street parade in San Francisco which mocked the Last Supper replacing Christ and His Apostles with leather-clad (and unclad) homosexuals, Concerned Women for America (CWA) and other groups called on California legislators to denounce the anti-Christianity. Rather than denounce the ad, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has derisively dismissed any concerns.

Drew Hammill, Pelosi's press secretary, responded to media questions on the offensive ad saying, "As a Catholic, the speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed."

The offensive ad was put together by organizers of San Francisco's partially taxpayer funded and Hedonistic Folsom Street Fair — sponsored by Miller Brewing, Co. — which takes place this Sunday. Over 400,000 people are expected to attend.

"As if the add itself isn't offensive enough," said, Matt Barber, CWA's Policy Director for Cultural Issues, "we have photographic evidence that the San Francisco government suspends indecency and child abuse laws for a day allowing fair goers to parade the streets of San Francisco, fully nude, engaging in illegal public sex while tax-payer funded police stand-by and do nothing."

"Children are allowed to — and do — attend this event and are exposed to this activity which is illegal child abuse," added Barber. "We're a nation of laws, and we're calling on Mayor Gavin Newsom to enforce the law and for San Francisco police to arrest lawbreakers on Sunday."

Pelosi, who is a major supporter of the "gay" lifestyle, will be receiving an award from the radical homosexual group, "Human Rights Campaign" on October 6.

Go here to express concerns to Nancy Pelosi.

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    I know this is painful for us Christians, but Nancy Pelosi and so many others are only living out what our Lord Jesus warned would happen, "If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first" (John 15:18).

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    I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for fourteen years and worked in San Francisco for six. It is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. So much that is evil goes on there, Satanic rituals and "parties" are common place. Christian persecution is the norm, I experienced it first hand. If we as Catholics and Christians do not step up and speak out against this and every persecution against us because of our faith (because we speak the Truth peacefully), then we will be silenced with intimidation and persecution and ultimately with legal restraints. There is a modern wave of Christian bashing that is becoming more common place, we have to speak up peacefully for Christ against this. Why is this not considered hateful behavior and condemned by those such as Pelosi?

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    Pelosi's father, Tommy D'Alesandro, Jr., was a long-term mayor of Baltimore City in the forties and fifties, and he was always very careful to keep a very close tie with the Church. In those days now sorely missed, Catholics were a stable and dependable leg of the Democratic Party; if Mayor D'Alesandro was not a firm and committed Catholic, one would never have guessed it from his conduct or from his politics. He must be spinning in his grave.

    Alas, I lay a lot of this to the erroneous interpretations of the intent and the decisions of Vatican II and the steady jettisoning of many "out-moded" beliefs and customs that were, for us, part and parcel of what is now derided as "smells and bells." Augustine warned us that believing what we like in Scripture and rejecting what we don't like is not believing in Scripture, but in ourselves. It is one of many examples of hubris supplanting humility, and it bodes ill in light of the continuing pusillanimity of American bishops to speak out clearly and forcefully against the trend to supplant sin with equivocation. To expect such a pronouncement to come from a clique who still harbor bishops who must bear a large burden of responsibility for the sexual scandals of the past several years is a vain hope.

    Pray that our paths are not foreshadowed by those of our Anglican confreres.


    "None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license." — John Milton

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    Okay, so now we have a call to action against the Miller Brewing Company. Boycott their products — period. If everyone who believes this sort of thing is abhorent would stop buying from the sponsors, they would either stop sponsoring or go out of business. Either way, it's progress.


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    Drew Hammill, Pelosi's press secretary, responded to media questions on the offensive ad saying, "As a Catholic, the speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed."

    Who elected these two to speak for Christians and Catholics? Normally a statement to that effect would get to the archdiocese and prompt the bishop to reach for his staff. Don't look for that reaction because "pusillanimity" has taken residence at most archdiocese. (Good word choice, alb)

    This comment doesn't have quite the connect of my first one, (not posted), but it'll have to suffice.

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    Drew Hammill, Pelosi's press secretary, responded to media questions on the offensive ad saying, "As a Catholic, the Speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed." The last I checked, none of the apostles were women, none of them wore leather, and they were all straight. So how this can't cause a great deal of harm to Christianity and the Eucharist is beyond my comprehension. I wander, if Christ, the very one who established the Eucharist and gave the very gift of himself to us would agree? But, that will one day be a conversation between Pelosi, San Francisco, and God one that I'm glad I won't be a part of.

    This is another example of a question that should continue to challenge ourselves as Christians and especially Catholics. "Is it our job to bring the world into the Church or the Church into the world?" It seems obvious, once again, what has happened here.

    Lord, have mercy!

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    All those parishes that host bingo and Las Vegas nights can make a big noise by not buying Miller beer for their functions anymore.

    KOC lodges too.

    Just a thought. 


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    I, too, am offended by this horrible depiction of the Last Supper. But I wonder if we could be misinterpretating Speaker Pelosi's comments. When you think about it, could something as mean and petty and offensive as this harm Christ and His Church, whom God Himself promised to protect even against the very gates of Hell? Puny men can do all they can to stop this great work of God, but they shall not succeed. I would like to hear an explanation of Pelosi's statement before I rush to judgement.

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    Dear Alb:

    I think it is a far reach to somehow find bishops culpable in this and honestly a bit suspect.

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    Couldn't we also ask if something as mean and petty and offensive as, say, a golden calf, could be truly offensive to Almighty God?

  • Guest

    God loves you .

    Frankly, would one expect more or less of ‘Aborting ’em is fine with me’ Pelosi?

    Of our bishops, that they consistently appear in these fora as grist for argument says something is wrong with them. Pusillanimity covers them generously, to me; I could find stronger words.

    Culpable here means that once-more and yet-again San Fran Nan’s hierarch will keep his trap shut.

    Remember, I love you, too

    Reminding that we are all on the same side – His,

    Pristinus Sapienter

    (wljewell @catholicexchange.com or … yahoo.com)

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    I too think we should give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt, after all she was annointed to speak for the Church by Democrats.

  • Guest

    Lets stop deflecting the ills of the world onto the Church and place the blame squarely where it belongs. I’m tired of the Bishop, Pope, Priest, Church, Catholic bashing and then from our own ranks… Please! Yes, there are those who are not doing what they should be but there are examples thousands to one of those who serve the Church, the Body and Christ with the highest standard. Do we as Catholics have to also continually call attention to the few. Saying the San Francisco Bishop should speak out is one thing but calling “American bishops” weak-spirited is entirely another and then on top of that bring up the sex scandals… Oh Brother!

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    It is not sufficient to boycott Miller Brewing Co. and their products.  We must also write them, telling them that we are boycotting them, what alternatives we have found, and why we have sought alternatives.  Without that, they could dismiss drops in sales as short-lived or not particularly based on their choice to sponsor the Folsom Street Fair.

  • Guest

    Bkeebler, you have a good point.  There's plenty of "fault" to go around, and perhaps we all could find a "spot" or two on ourselves.

    On the other hand, the bishops are supposed to be our leaders.  St. Paul says, "For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for the battle?" (1 Cor. 14:8).  All we're getting from most bishops is the equivalent of "uncertain sounds", you'll have to admit.  There are a few bishops out there who are very confident of their stand on the issues, and I pray for them daily.  But the vast majority (like mine) are not leading anyone…….except each other down the rosy path.

  • Guest

    It is a dumb dog who does not bark.

  • Guest

    To bring the faults of the Bishops here into this discussion is only to deflect blame away from the true evils this article addresses. I think you understand that.

  • Guest

    I am sorry that you are so offended, and it is not my intention to cause you injury. But the simple fact is that much of this can, indeed, be laid on the steps of a feckless and pusillanimous episcopate. So far as I know, there is only one bishop in the US who has openly engaged the issues of the responsibilities of Catholic politicians to either adhere fully to the canons of the Church or to stop claiming to be Catholics. From all the rest there has been an appalling silence. What do you make of a Pelosi, a Biden, a Mikulski, a Leahy, a Kennedy and more who regularly support abortion and the open avowal of a homosexual "lifestyle" as an acceptable "alternative?" Why are our bishops not so outspoken as was Christ himself?

    In so far as the unpleasantness of the sex scandals, this issue remains very much alive, whether or not you would have it slip into a comforting corner of lost memory. Far too many bishops who merely moved priests from one parish to another like pawns in a sordid game sit yet on chairs in their sees, unchallenged and unpunished. How does any of this accord with Christ's mandate to "feed My sheep?" We need shepherds, and we receive accountants.

    Look to the Anglicans and realize that there, but for the Grace of God, go we. Much is demanded of us.

    Alb —-"Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius." –Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

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    The article is not principally about the evils of the street parade in San Francisco, nor about the pornographic poster to promote it, but about the scandalous comments regarding both from the most prominent Catholic politician in the USA, third in line for the Presidency. 

    Why would it be inappropriate then to look for a leadership role from the bishop in defending the faith and responding to such a highly visible situation?

  • Guest

    Note:  Bishops Jugis and Baker, diocese of Charlotte and soon-to-be Birmingham respectively, are holy men who have taken a stand for life against pro abortion Catholic politicians.  Also, retired Bishop Curlin specifically mentioned Pelosi in his 2nd Sunday of Easter Homily this year and condemned her for pulling out her First Communion picture for every election.  He specifically condemned her and other would be Catholic politicians for mocking the Church. (I was surprized by his vehemance!)

      However, in general, Alb et al are correct in their assessment of the US Bishops.  (great scripture quote Cooky!)  These issues of communion receiving Catholics wantonly flaunting evil  with impunity combined with the acceptance of their "authority" in matters of faith and morals have been tolerated by the bishops for decades.  Therefore, these people have become more brazen and outspoken.  They have caused much scandal (leading the flock astray).  "Our Good Shepherds" have cowered in their Cathedrals like eunichs.

    New point:  Miller's email reponse to me was that "we're sorry some were offended, but, this parade was not targeted to the masses ." (definately not a Catholic mass!)  therefore, supporting it wasn't seen as a problem.  In other words, they were just target marketing….drinking out of both ends of the bottle just doesn't work.

    Next point:  my 13 year old daughter asked me about the state of Vermont yesterday. She wanted to know what it was like.  I said mountainy, beautiful…..She continued with, "You know California is known for its immorality what's Vermont known as?"  From the mouths of babes!

    Alb, thanks for the quotes…how did these guys read my mind al those years ago.Wink




  • Guest

    elkabrikir, You are right on about Bishop Jugis. I am in the diocese of Charlotte where are Bishop Jugis is a true Shepard. We are well protected. We are also blessed with many awesome young priest. I too do not like coming down on our USCCB, but I do see inconsistencies with their public pronouncements. They have spoke loudly on the war and immigration, yet are virtually silent on key faith and moral issues, such as contraception, abortion and same-sex marriage. From where I sit, the Catholic Church is counterculture and whatever it proclaims will be hated/persecuted by the culture. So, go ahead bishops get on top of that hill speak out the Truth on ALL matters. I think the bishops will be surprised of the great support they will find.

  • Guest

    We have a new Archbishop here in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Primal See of the US. He is replacing William Cardinal Keeler, and I suspect a red hat is in his future, but that remains to be seen. Far too many of our bishops have paid too much attention to chasing dollars and looking after the fiscal and political needs of their dioceses while paying too scant attention to the pastoral needs of their flocks. Pastores dabo vobis! does not promise: I shall give you accountants!

     Alb —-"If you pick what you like in the Gospel and reject what your don't like, it's not the Gospel you believe, but yourself." –Saint Augustine

  • Guest

    Archbishop Raymond Burke is a bright ray of glorious sunshine. You may recall that Archbishop Burke publicly broke with the official pronouncement to the effect that every bishop must set the policy of dealing with the issue of administering Communion to "Catholic" politicians (like Giuliani, Biden, Mikulski, Kennedy and others) who have taken pro-abortion positions for his own diocese based on his individual judgment. In 2004, when that decision was announced by the "bishops' union," Archbishop Burke specifically stated that no such leeway existed, and that every diocese is obligated by Canon Law to adhere to a uniform policy and refuse to administer the Sacrament.

    Well, the good Archbishop is back in the saddle. Asked by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch if he would refuse communion to Giuliani, the Archbishop replied: "If the question is about a Catholic who is publicly espousing positions contrary to the moral law, and I know that person knows it, Yes I would." Note that the Archbishop's answer does not specify Giuliani, but actually reached far more broadly to cover ANY such candidate or politician. One must presume such a policy would also cover Pelosi or any of the other "Catholics" who espouse and vote for policies that are an anathema.

    Pray that Archbishop Burke's resolve would stiffen the spines and inspire the souls of his colleagues.

    Alb —-"Every exercise of authority is irksome to man's natural appetite for freedom; and it is no matter of surprise if the Church, when she exercises authority, should be met with opposition, more or less determined, from the party whose interests suffer, or are likely to suffer, from her decision." –Monsignor Ronald Knox.

  • Guest


    I made a mistake when I said Nancy Pelosi is third in line for the Presidency.  As the Speaker of the House of Representantives, she is second in line, behind the Vice President.