Sound Music

These taut strings strung in a chord teach me [Truth].

Their sound still teaches me, though taught before.

The notes linger in my mind more and more,

Forsooth! In truth! I know not how, forsooth!

Strange! The rhythmic rhymes send a reason when,

They each exist a part of passing time,

Yet heard with all else art all art sublime:

Alas, memory and want meet slyly then!

The notes slide by me, presently perceived,

Ne’er to be, to be, be so near again.

Always, always replacing what had been

Away, away they go, yet still received.

These notes now gone, sounded and so sound still—

They resonate [Truth!] with our searching will.

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  • Guest

    Thanks for sharing. Although I have to be honest, I will have to look up the word "forsooth".

    Keep on truckin'

  • Guest

    Great ideas in this one… okay, better get back to studies!!

    "Now that we have received the divine, holy, spotless, immortal, heavenly, life-giving, awesome myteries of Christ, let us give worthy thanks to the Lord." -the Divine Liturgy