Soul Healing

Many have trouble rejoicing at the sight of good news. Instead of
allowing the common bond of love in us to take over, we often allow
our nature of skepticism and envy to override our peace. This happened
not only to the rulers and elders but also to the apostles whom Jesus
reproached for their incredulity and obstinacy in their refusal to
believe eyewitnesses accounts.

The whole world is in need of “soul healing,” a term referred to by
author Robert Barron in his book “And Now I See… : A Theology of
Transformation.” Even the title of the book itself suggests why Jesus
instructed his disciples to “go out to the world, [and] proclaim the
good news to all creation.”

Robert Barron encapsulates what Jesus meant above when he mentioned in
his book that (p. 5) “to overcome fear is to move from the pusilla
anima (the small soul) to the magna anima (the great soul). When we
are dominated by our egos, we live in a very narrow space, in the
angustiae (the straits) between this fear and that, between this
attachment and that. But when we surrender in trust to the bearing
power of God, our souls become great, roomy, expansive. We realize
that we are connected to all things and to the creative energy of the
whole cosmos.”

Holding on to our old ways is not helpful because we cannot look
beyond what we are supposed to see. Instead, we must trust in what
Jesus has revealed to us and follow in his footsteps; then, things
will start to change.

  • Robert

    Nice article, I’m going to look up the book you mentioned, it sounds interesting.
    God Bless

  • Llkazlas

    “We realize that we are connected to ALL THINGS and to the creative energy of the

    whole cosmos.”  This is New Age thinking.  We are not connected to ALL THINGS.  New Age thinking is that God is in everything, including inanimate objects and that we are all one with each other and creation because God is “in all things”. 

    I guess you could call the “creative energy of the whole cosmos” God though, because God did create the entire universe and He is not an impersonal God.  Jesus said “They shall all be taught by God….Everyone who listens to my Father and learns from him comes to me.”