“Something Beautiful for God”

Jesus involved the apostles in his works of salvation. He sent them out in twos into the surrounding villages. That way, he shared his divine mission with them. He gave them his own authority and power. He knew well that they would make mistakes. Most of the apostles were ordinary men. Yet Jesus did not hesitate to share his work with them. Moreover, the day came when he entrusted his entire work to them.

Today many people have a fear of involving people in their work and in their lives, especially the ordinary people. Hence many are often left with a feeling of worthlessness, a feeling that they have nothing to
contribute. Involving people gives them the opportunity to grow, to become more responsible and also to build community spirit.

The apostles cannot be called experts. Yet Christ did not hesitate to involve them in his work. Our usefulness to Christ, depends not so much on our intelligence as on our willingness and generosity. To do the work of Christ is not a complicated thing. It means to be faithful in little things. It means to be helpful and faithful, loyal and constant to the end.

As Mother Teresa said: “You can do little things with great love. You can do what I can’t do and I can do what you can’t do. Together we can do something beautiful for God.”

Let’s do just that. Let’s join hands and work together for the greater glory of God, in the classroom, in our homes, in our communities, in our country.