John talks about Jesus being God’s solution to all our problems. Jaci
Velasquez’s song “On My Knees” goes “… there’s power when I get on
my knees.”

Often when things get tough, we rely on ourselves in solving problems,
as if manipulating everything through our own devices could give us
the desired outcome. Oftentimes, this is not true.

Most of us know that Jesus is the sign of God’s love for us.
(John3:16) Knowing, however, is different from understanding the
verity of the words. We fail to see the relevance of this in our daily
lives. When God told Moses to make a bronze snake so people could get
healed (Numbers 21:8) i t was not a promise. It was a relevant
solution to the situation.

Think about this: Long before we were conceived, God had the foresight
to send us the solution to all problems. He sent us His son to save us
and not to judge us. (John 3:17) Salvation is not only for the
afterlife. It is relevant to us now. Next time you hit the wall or
when the day is getting long and hard, try getting down on your knees
and feel the love that heals, the love that saves and changes.
Ultimately, it is meant to completely transform us.