Homily of the Day

Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maybe we have encountered a couple of familiar statements about love like, “love ain’t love until it hurts” or “love is giving even without receiving”. Perhaps we have watched some tragic twists in TV soap operas or even experienced it ourselves, where someone seeks revenge on another, cheats a loving spouse or betrays the very hand that feeds them — and still be forgiven. Tough love.

These instances are not exactly what we romanticize about love, but it does happen in real life. And it happened to Jesus Christ when he died on the Cross. The essence of love may not really involve any rationale, enough for Man to comprehend, but as a manifestation of a higher sense of being — God.

No human being could ever love as purely as Jesus did, but we however were bestowed to give up everything bad and believe in eternal love and happiness with God.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is one that beats with a self emptying love that brought him to the Cross; a heart tender enough to welcome anyone who seeks refuge within it; a heart strong enough to carry any burdens we might lay at his feet; a heart unfathomable to carry out utmost mercy and redeem every last soul in the world.