Sinners Yet Loved

The first reading from the Book of Daniel brings us more deeply into
the spirit of Lent. It describes to us the majesty of God. In His
being “great and awesome,” His “merciful covenant” to those who are
faithful to Him remains. Have you ever seen a beautiful thing and
declare how awesome it is? This is the picture of our God in this
season of Lent. We are encouraged to acknowledge our awesome loving

A favorite expression among followers of St. Ignatius is that we are
“sinners yet loved.” Perhaps this brings us hope to continue to live
in a world where war and poverty, violence to persons as well as to
environment have become daily occurrences. We continue to do the
things we want. How many abortions happen each day? How many lives are
lost due to some environmental destructions? How many children die of
malnutrition and starvation? Have we ever looked at ourselves to see
how we have been part of these structural sins?

Today, let us ask for the Father’s forgiveness. Let us ask for His
mercy. Let us pray that we be given the grace to open our hearts and
accept God’s forgiving love — He who sent His only Beloved Son to be
with us and restore all things in Him. Every day we must express our
faith in our God of compassion and forgiveness.