Sexually Disordered: In Solidarity

The Church teaches that same-sex actions are sinful.  Stating this fact is almost universally discouraged in public discourse.  Yet this is the very issue that needs to be discussed.  And in order to do so we must start with what’s most at stake.

In my following of Jesus and encounter with him in the Gospels, I discover that he established a Church, which holds the treasure he gives in earthen vessels.  Though being imperfect she holds it, and this is what I love, this is why I follow her as I follow Jesus.  I follow her not simply as an earthen vessel but as she holds the treasure of Christ today and until the end of time. When her voice points out the way, I struggle to follow, and I struggle to follow precisely because I know that in that voice is the voice of my savior, the one who loves me enough to die for me.  He invites me to do the same, to die to myself that I may live, to say, “Thy will be done,” in the garden of my own temptation.

For the one with same-sex attraction this means refraining from acting on desires for sexual fulfillment with a person of the same-sex.  For me, a single male with opposite-sex attraction, this means refraining from acting on my desires with a person of the opposite-sex.  But I want to say that you are not alone.  What the Church asks of you she asks of me.  My following of Christ challenges me amidst a culture saturated with pornography, approval of masturbation, one-night stands, and the list goes on, and on, and on so much so that a young boy in England, 13 years old, became addicted to sexual pleasure and is now on the nation’s sex offender list.

I feel, in a very real and un-superficial way, that I stand with many, many people who struggle with same-sex attraction and strive for purity of heart.  Like you, I try not to filter the Gospel to fit my desires, despite their sometimes strong pull and the affirming encouragement of our culture.  Like you, I don’t want to change the Gospel to align with my desires; I want the Gospel to change me and my desires.  I don’t take them as the truth about me, I try to take God’s word as the truth about me and it is that truth and only that truth that can set me free; not the free fulfillment of my desires, whatever they may be.

This is my offer to stand in solidarity with all those, regardless of sexual orientation, who seek purity of heart amidst a culture ever so eager to discourage us in our commitment. I want to follow Christ, I will follow him by living in his Church, no matter what our culture and its laws tell me is truth.  Their voice is an echo of Pontius Pilate’s, “Truth? What is truth?” and my Lord’s is a voice that says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…come, follow me.”


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  • Servantofcharity

    Well said.  An important aspect of the battle against gay marriage that must not get lost.


  • Huskerid

    So well written and to the point. As one who has struggled with unwanted same-sex attraction my entire life, I really empathize with those who carry this cross. Sometimes, for those who want to marry one of their own gender — though I never have — I want to go along with the culture and say, why not? But the gospel has always been countercultural and we are transformed by Christ, not conformed to the world.

  • God bless all people who will be influenced by President Obama’s decision of saying marriage should be between those of the same sex.  God bless all those who try to stop this error and fight for the right of marriage between man and woman.  

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  • Outdated, Immoral, edifice laden with a history of crimes against humanity tries to tell people what is and isn’t disordered. What a joke.

  • rtss

    The suggestion in the article is that when the Church points out the way it is Christ who points out the way.  Christ is the treasure in the earthen vessel, which is certainly filled with sin, and very serious sins throughout history.  Its similar to the way that I carry the image of God in my humanity despite being sinful.  Nevertheless, I still carry the image of God and thus have human dignity. 

  • Rick9300

    Amazing honesty and courage!  While I don’t struggle with same sex attractions, we all struggle with our own sins and disorders.  It’s so refreshing to hear someone accept support and believe in church teachings over cultural norms.  “Thy will be done!”… Not my will…

  • Rick9300

    Sure the Church has it’s warts…. but only because it’s members are human and have free will.  There are devilish evil forces in this world and they first and foremost attack the Church to undermine it.  Would you expect anything less?  We are men… not gods.  Thanks the Lord for forgiveness of our earthy sins through the death of our savior Jesus Christ!

  •  I suppose if you want to call crimes against humanity “warts”. Sure. You do that. But then you blame the cause of that on something else.Magical evil spirits, a myth origin story about magic fruit and trees. Christians seem incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and the actions of their institution. Immoral AND irresponsible of you all.

  • Maybe one day you christians will get out of the Bronze Age and finally learn how to treat human beings properly.

  • DavyJB

    Cameron, not sure if you’re pulling the “crimes against humanity” description from a Dan Brown novel or just trying to look provocative.  It’s obvious you have some pent up anger against the Catholic Church, and aren’t letting the truth get in the way of an asinine comment.

    When a phrase like “crimes against humanity” is used,  slavery, abortion and genocide are what come to mind.  It might behoove you to know that it has been a tyrannical, or Godless institution that has enabled or purpetrated all of these.