Seventh Station of the Cross

Jesus falls the second time

He falls a second time, as if the earth
Were reaching for His flesh, as if the dark
Were flowing from the tomb to clutch his heart –
How close is death when evil does its work

Listen then, a hush falls on the crowd
They wait to see Him rise again, or fail,
The innocent, the great, the low, the proud –
The self-important laugh, the others wail

And sigh, for then he grasps the cruel beam
On which He is to die, and as a staff
He uses it to struggle up, then on
Toward Golgotha — and who would dare to laugh?

As by the cross He would rise up and go
I would by death the cure of dying know

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  • Guest

    I love this poem…It is great!…I too write poetry…Here is one of my poems for you to read if you would like…It is taken from Psalm 139:7-12…

    I can not hide from His Spirit, I can not flee from His presence, He is always with me, I'll never be in His absence.  If I go up into the Heavens, or if I make my bed in hell, He is always with me, though I may never tell.  If I ride on the wings of dawn, or settle on the far side of the sea, there His hand is upon me, yes there His hand shall guide me.  If I say "the darkness shall hide me, and the day be turned to night, even then shall He find me, for darkness to Him is light.

    Heather Smith

  • Guest

    Thank you Pavel for sharing this. I have so much difficulty meditating on "the 3 falls" of Jesus. My mind struggles with this, is resistent, even blocked in many ways.


    I especially liked the part about Our Lord using the Cross as like a staff to pull himself back up.


    Great reflection. Great Poem. Thank you.


    Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. G.K. Chesterton

  • Guest

    Thanks both of you – Heather and Hislittlelamb.

    Thanks for the strong poem, Heather.

    Hislittlelamb, I think the mystery of God who becomes Man, and suffers as we do, is more than difficult for everyone to understand. I don't know how to completely grasp such a sacrifice, but we can be grateful. Christ does the rest.