Senator Wendy Davis: More Pro-Abortion Than Pro-Abortionists?

Wendy Davis 2Wendy Davis excels at keeping herself in the news.  In June, the pro-abortion Texas state senator became a liberal darling by filibustering against a bill that would have banned abortions after twenty weeks (a ban which has since become law).  Now she’s contemplating a run at the Governor’s house.

Davis maintains that pro-life women don’t understand what a ban on abortion after twenty weeks really means: “I again think that a lot of people don’t really understand the landscape of what’s happening in that arena today and what an incredibly small percentage of procedures take place there.”  That’s right out of the liberal playbook: if you disagree with me you must not really understand the facts.  And, besides, since the horror of dismemberment is only being perpetrated against a small number of victims, that makes it okay.

Davis talks about common ground with pro-lifers, but refuses to accept any real limits on abortion.  When asked if there was any “week-limit” she would support, she responded: “You know, those conversations are the kind of conversations that could and should be taking place if we didn’t see such extreme positioning. But unfortunately our Republican colleagues weren’t interested in having reasonable conversations like that.”

Absurdly, Davis went on to declare that she was duty bound to take a stand on the “sacred ground” of late-term abortion.

Sacred ground?  A procedure which the majority of Americans support banning is sacred ground?  Lord help us! Are abortions sacrifices to Molech?  Apparently, for liberals like Senator Davis, the systematic dismembering and destroying of innocent children is akin to a sacrament!

But we probably shouldn’t be so surprised.  For decades pro-aborts have genuflected at the altar of abortion, refusing to place any limits on this open-ended sacred right to kill those whom we find inconvenient.

Senator Davis’s extreme views notwithstanding, there is nothing sacred about the murder of unborn children.  Abortion is rooted in self-centeredness, a self-centeredness that puts the needs and desires of the parents above the life of their child and that holds that inconvenience warrants death.

Senator Davis knows how to appeal to this selfish impulse.  Tell people their self-centered act is a sacred right—that’ll win you some votes!  Take a stand, get some headlines, ride a plane to a couple of Washington, D.C. fundraisers, issue a few more provocative quotes to keep your name in the news, and tell everyone you’re thinking about running for governor.  It’s a common path for politicians, but few have used the “sacred ground” of late-term abortion as their touchstone.

Davis has proved herself nimble in the political dance.  She speaks patronizingly of political common ground while staking out a minority position far to the Left.  She dismisses the mainstream opinion as extreme and unreasonable while conferring sainthood on herself.  When asked about compromising, she won’t provide any suggestions or examples.  She knows that it pays to talk like a moderate but act like an extremist—at least, when running for office.

Sadly, there are some Americans (many of whom are members of the media) who see Davis as a crusader for women’s rights. For them, her artful conversion of selfishness to sacrament has great appeal.  Making abortion a “cause” deserving of passionate protection is easier for them to swallow than recognizing the grisly reality of killing another human being.  Pro-abortion advocates like Davis pontificate about defending women who must be protected from curmudgeons in the political arena, while paving the way for the murder of millions of defenseless unborn children.

Are there enough Texans excited to promote this “right” to win Senator Davis the Governor’s mansion?  It doesn’t look like it.  Texas leans Republican, and even the national polling trends are against Senator Davis’s views.  Gallup poll earlier this year showed 64% of Americans are opposed to abortion in the second trimester, and a full 80% oppose it in the third trimester.  In her defense of abortion, Senator Davis is in the distinct minority.

It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to build a political career on the carcasses of dead children.  But then, it once seemed absurd that anyone would campaign for a “right” to kill children.  Americans must ask ourselves, if someone is willing to use the killing of innocents as their stepping stone to political power, are they worthy of our affirmation or should they become anathema?  The future of Wendy Davis will tell us a lot about our country’s future.


This article is used with permission from the Center for a Just Society.

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Ken Connor


Ken Connor is the Chairman of the Center for a Just Society. An esteemed attorney, Connor is affiliated with the law firm of Marks, Balette, & Giessel, a firm nationally known for its successful representation of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

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  • BillinJax

    One might easily define the demise of American family life by
    its two most revealing concepts, contraception and abortion. One opposed the
    creative nature God granted to the union of a man and a woman joined in Holy
    Matrimony and the other sought to challenge the very involvement of God in the
    equation. Both have at the center of its premise the denial that man is the
    product of the goodness and abundance of God’s love and that man was not made
    in His image and likeness. Therefore, there is no such thing as procreation and
    God had no purposeful design for the ability of mankind to reproduce.
    Liberalism, like Humanism, stops short of denying the existence of God least they lose the basis for the goodness of man which provides them some footing to espouse their false philosophy of life. This is the same as the satanic Temptation of
    Christ when he was asked to forsake his divine nature and simply be human
    and follow the commands of one who would provide him with all he would
    ever need. The lord of lies has hope; hope that we do not recognize him among
    those who have unknowingly followed him and wish to control us.
    The world witnessed recently the liberal dominated democratic national convention purposely attempting to remove all mention of God from their platform to proudly but foolishly proclaim what could be called a doctrine of the cultural of death. However, they reasoned prior to the election was not good timing for exposing the under belly of their agenda and leaders hastily overruled the mobs there present shouting for its approval.
    When in God’s name is the Body of Christ going to publicly
    admit we have many elitists in our fold as politicians, entertainers,
    educators, or media reporters who are giving aid and comfort to the evil
    enemies of our faith, identify them and officially notify them they can not be
    in communion with us and continue to cooperate in the erosion of our values and
    doctrines? Hopefully our new Pope Francis, with the fervent prayers of the
    faithful, can turn the tide of tyranny in the Church and if need be become a smaller but holier fold for him to shepherd.
    Bill Sr.
    Jacksonville FL.

  • Dan

    Ms. Davis is not “pro-abortion”. She is pro baby killing. We dress this up in medical terms instead of human terms. Men and women like this are simply in favor of murdering children. Period.

  • Barrysullivan1

    Can you imagine if people said, “We should have found common ground with Hitler and asked him to just eliminate the jews by shooting them rather than gassing them? Or perhaps only kill those who are 50 and older?” Killing an innocent human being before or after birth is still killing a human being. The pro-abortion side thinks killing the unwanted before or after birth is okay as that horrible monster in Philadelphia did. You don’t compromise with eveil; you remove them from power!

  • Lee

    The Catholic voters have got to start standing up for what is the Truth, what is right and what is going to save the U.S.A from Christian destruction. The religious order can not be blamed for all this mess. People, you have to be willing to help yourselves out of this. Research,research and vote wisely. The White house should never have become anyone’s livelihood or career for life. Shake it up, make a mess like our Pope has requested of our young.

  • droodlebug

    Unfortunately the vast majority of catholic voters have been contracepting for YEARS and running up to the altar to receive communion for YEARS with nary a squeek from the pulpit in the vast majority of dioceses. The confessionals aren’t even open for more than half an hour a week in most parishes. Catholics not really being catholic IS the problem. This is the source of the problem in the church and the world. Sacrilege leads to spiritual darkness. This is the source of family breakdown, social corruption and tolerance of all things wicked. It seems ironic that in the last 50 years of widespread contraception (non serviam!) the apparitions of the Immaculate Conception (Fiat mihi!) have increased. God is trying to get peoples attention!

  • alice

    I’m guessing that when you are as passionate about abortion as Wendy Davis, there is an “abortion skeleton” in your closet… In that case, you cannot give in to the prolife crowd because it means you have to admit your mistake – it’s personal.