Homily of the Day

Seeking Signs

This Gospel reading can show us our lack of trust unto the Lord. We often pray to God and ask for immediate answers and sometimes, we even ask for signs. “Please let there be a rainbow today if yes is the answer to my prayer.”

And yet when we see a rainbow, we convince ourselves that the answer is not a yes and the rainbow was just a coincidence. It is either because we try to manage our expectations or because we try to give comfort to ourselves when the sign seems unfavorable to us. We lack that sense of peace.

When will we learn to completely trust God? When will we stop asking for immediate answers every time we pray?

The signs that we seek are actually what we believe what God wanted to convey with us but in reality, we really do not know what God has planned for us. We often pray the Lord’s Prayer and part of it is telling God let not our will but thy will be done. There in his promises and through his words, we will truly find peace.


Lord, teach us how to trust you completely. Forgive us for worrying too much and for not being able to lift everything up to you. Give us the strength to continue carrying our own crosses. Help us understand why things happen. Teach us how to accept your will even if it sometimes is difficult and painful for us.

May we truly seek your peace in all that we do even if at times it seems like such a mystery to us. Please continue to console us with your loving presence. Hopefully, let us realize that real peace can only be found in you. May you continue to guide us in having a forgiving heart, in having an open mind, in letting ourselves become instruments of your peace.