Seeking God’s Will

When throngs of needy village folk waited for him in the early hours of the day, staying seemed to make sense. The adulation of many must have at least felt good. Popularity can be so intoxicating, and the desire to remain must have been so compelling. Yet immediately after prayer, Christ moved on to the next town. When conditions are so successful and affirming, and unmet needs are plentiful, how could Christ push on? Does Christ have no feelings?

Saying good-bye to familiarity is always painful, more so when the situation to help others seems pressingly urgent. To move means leaving certainty and starting all over again.

Seeking God’s will is not always an easy task. Perhaps this problem has often plagued us with the uneasy feeling that choosing what may feel good might only turn out to be some great excuse for following God’s will.

In today’s reading, Christ reminds us to trust our inner promptings even when they are at odds with the external environment. This was his example as he resolutely took the road to the next town, and eventually to Calvary—trustingly.

Where do our inner promptings call us to serve? Let us pray for the grace to be open to the way that Christ is showing us.