Seeking Everlasting Life

Do you brush aside or resist the hard sayings of Jesus? Many were attracted to Jesus because he offered them something irresitible — God’s loving-kindness and mercy made manifest in his wonderful works of healing, deliverance, and miraculous feeding of the five thousand. Despitee these signs, many stumbled, when Jesus made divine claims..  Jesus’ discourse on “eating his flesh and drinking his blood” (see John 6:51-59) which pointed to the Last Supper, caused offence to many of his followers. Jesus claimed to be the very life of God come down from heaven and that no one could live this life without submitting to him. Even the apostles admitted that this was a “hard saying”.  This expression meant that it was not just hard to understand, but hard to accept.  Jesus pressed the issue with his beloved disciples because he wanted to test their faith and loyalty. Jesus assures his disciples that it is his heavenly Father who invites and who gives the grace to follow even in the “hard sayings”.  Jesus knew that some would not only reject him and his word, but would do so hostily, even betraying him to his enemies.

Real faith seeks understanding.  That is why God gives us the help of the Holy Spirit to enlighten the eyes of our mind to understand his truth and wisdom (Ephes. 1:17-18). Jesus offers his life-giving word and Spirit to those who believe and who submit to his authority.  Peter’s profession of loyalty was based on a personal relationship with Jesus.  Through the gift of faith Peter knew that Jesus was the Messiah, the Holy One of God, and he believed in his words. Faith is a response to God’s revelation. It’s the key to seeing God work in our lives with power.  Do you believe, as Peter did, that Jesus can change your life because he has the words of everlasting life?  Ask the Lord to increase your faith that you may grow in your relationship with him and in the knowledge of his love for you.

  • Llkazlas

    To the best of my understanding, submitting to Jesus was not the hard saying.  The hard saying was that his disciples were to “eat his flesh and drink his blood”.  The disciples thought he was talking about cannibalism and that was too hard for them to accept.

    Also to the best of my understanding, Jesus never thought people should submit to him.  He just said “Come to Me”.  He said when he was lifted up on the cross, he would “draw all people to himself'”.  People are drawn to Jesus through love.  Jesus revealed his love for us on the cross. 


    Thank you for writing this.  It is very true and I never thought of it in this way before.

  • Llkazlas

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  • Llkazlas

    Faith is a response to God’s revelation.