Seeing Jesus

The most phenomenal detail in today’s Gospel is that Jesus is actually seen by his disciples walking on water in the middle of the night. What do you think this meant to the disciples? What does it mean to you now, some 2,000 years later? What does this fact say to you about Jesus?

Off hand, it is quite easy to say that he is God and nothing is impossible with God. So, walking on water was no mean feat. But was
this how his disciples knew him? As far as everyone in his time was concerned, he was a prophet, and a very charismatic one at that. He performed many miracles, but he also prayed every occasion he could. In fact, the reading today mentions that he had gone up the hills to spend some time in prayer soon after he dismissed the people who had come to see him.

As he prayed, what do you suppose he prayed about? What did he talk to his Father about? If we are to genuinely follow him and emulate his ways as Christians, we may need to ask God for His grace to teach us how Jesus prayed and communed with his father.