Seeing God Face to Face

The gospel of John starts with this reading to reveal God’s intent with mankind. He wants Himself to be known to us. Before you can even love a person, you have to know that person. God has always loved us, and wanted to show Himself to us, so that we may know Him. In the Old Testament, no one could ever see Yahweh and live. Moses stood terrified by the burning bush for fear of just even standing near God. God’s love and His desire to reveal Himself in Divine Revelation for us to know and love Him prompted a face, a being we could relate with. He gave us the Word in Jesus Christ. In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God, Clearly the Word became flesh in Jesus Christ, meaning that Jesus Christ became the face and the being to introduce us to God the Father. Jesus Christ became the conduit, the bridge to the Divine. Thus, mankind finally saw God face-to-face and lived. And now we have the chance not only to live, but live righteously, happily and eternally.