Searching for a Sign

As usual, the Pharisees were unbelieving, searching for a sign, observable signs, tangible signs, events, happenings, things that can be touched and seen. Did not Christ ask once, “You ask for signs but you cannot see the signs of the times.”

Like the Pharisees, we too depend on signs, things that we see. In fact the moment we ask for signs we show our lack of faith. The kingdom of God is already here and not yet. It is here when acceptance of others is evident, when affirmation is alive, when trust is effective, when compassion for those who suffer is shown, when justice to the poor is given and not denied, when the hungry is satisfied, when we see Christ in the oppressed, the downtrodden, and the poor. But it’s not yet here because we live by calculation, we are afraid to be involved, we shun companionship with the outcasts of society, and we remain quiet in moments of injustice.

Indeed, Wisdom is needed – she who pervades and permeates all things and is the breath of the power of God. With Wisdom one can see rightly; with Wisdom, we can see the coming of the kingdom.