Rich Toward God

Everyone needs provisions – call it a salary, a home, presentable clothes, health insurance, etc. God knows we need these things while we live here on earth; in fact, He promised us that He would take care of all our needs if we seek His righteousness first (Luke 12:31). The Lord is not teaching us to shun working for a good living in this parable.

What He is concerned about is the disposition of our hearts regarding wealth. What is truly valuable to us? And how do we relate our wealth to God?

From the parable we can see that the rich man’s every waking moment revolved around amassing wealth. It defined him as a person, and governed the way he planned his life. He even came to the conclusion that life was “good” because he was very rich. But he was wrong – the moment he died, all the wealth he had accumulated was given to someone else. His life’s work came to nothing, making him a fool in God’s eyes.

We have to look at ourselves soberly, and identify those things that we treasure. Have these things become our standard, our reason for being? Could we live without them? Remember, you can’t take them with you when you leave this world.

Let us make sure that when we stand before the Lord, we do not bog down our relationship with Him by just talking about money, the way the man in the crowd was doing. He is telling us, “Watch out!” to make sure that our need for provision does not turn into a love for provision. Let us instead be rich toward God, treasuring our closeness to Him most of all.