Revealed Truth

A lot of people in the world have the difficulty of believing in God or
that God exists. It is not that they are not convinced that there are
insurmountable evidence that prove that God exists. Simply put, they
just do not want to believe.

There are also many people who believe that there is a God, however,
their beliefs are still in the primary stage; wherein their beliefs are
based on their own ideas of God as they struggle to understand and
create this concept of God.

Between these two extremes, there is the revealed truth that comes from
God through the person of his only begotten Son Jesus. In the flesh,
God is personified in Jesus. Amazingly, God takes the initiative to
reach out to humankind in a way that he can fully and tangibly relate
to. As we interpret this, Jesus becomes for us the Way, the Truth and
the Life and no one may come to the Father except through him.

For those who believe in a primary way, they will find new and greater
meaning in their relationship with God. For those who still refuse to
believe in God, they are not exempt from the divine laws that govern
the way things work in every dimension, the order of things that
determine peace and security. It is not Jesus who will condemn them,
but they have already been judged through their own actions of not
listening to Jesus and disobeying what he said to find salvation.

Resisting God and doing things our way is like swimming against the
tide of a rushing river. It is an act of futility. It would therefore
be wise for us to listen, discern and believe that what Jesus tells us
is true and as a result of this, find peace.