Respond to God and Repent

In the first reading, the story of Joseph continues. Now he is the prime minister of Egypt and in charge of dispensing grain to top buyers from all lands because it was a time of famine all over the world. His brothers come to Egypt to buy grain and he forces them to leave Simeon behind and demands that they bring his younger brother Benjamin from Canaan to Egypt. Reuben laments that all this was happening because of the evil they had done to Joseph whom they thought was already dead. In the same way, we are going to account for all our sins sooner or later. So let us repent now and ask God to change our ways. Maybe we can escape the final judgment if we start to do more good than evil while here on earth.

In the gospel, Jesus shows his intention of founding the Church by choosing the first twelve apostles. He starts to instruct them on how to do their mission. He also gives them authority over unclean spirits and the ability to cure people with ailments. Today Jesus is also sounding off this same call to us – to be his messengers of the good news. We can do this mission first by making our personal lives a living testimony to the love and goodness of God. Or maybe you are being called to be a catechist or a missionary like the apostles. Whatever God is calling you to do, remember that Jesus has promised to be with us till the end of time. So do not be afraid. And do not think you are unworthy of the call. Remember that among the apostles, one denied Jesus three time. Another doubted his resurrection and a third betrayed him. The Lord knows each one of us; he knows our weaknesses. So let us trust in him and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the grace and strength to fulfill our mission.