Remember Him in Your Hearts

We are reminded many times through the Bible that God loves us. But do we remember Him in our hearts, so that we can reinforce and strengthen our bond with Christ? Some of us supplement our lives with prayer. Others perform community service, give alms, or help our needy neighbors. But all in all, little acts of kindness and love towards others, all done in the glory of God will allow us to become even closer to Him.

During times of sickness, some of us forget to turn to prayer. Instead, we rely only on the expertise of doctors, nurses and even friends who had experienced similar medical problems for advice. Those anxious moments when shared with our family and friends are easier to endure. How much more if we share these with God? Relying on God and believing in Him as the divine healer and surrendering to Him by accepting His will provide the comfort and courage and strength that we need. It is then that we feel God’s loving care the most. As today’s gospel best describes, it is as if God is sheltering us from our troubles like a mother hen sheltering her brood gathering them under her wings.

When faced with failures, problems, unhappiness, disappointments and loneliness, all which seem to be humanly unsolvable and unstoppable, do we turn to God for comfort and strength? Are we ready to accept His will?