Religious Persecution Officially Begins

The Cardinal Newman Society, a national organization to help renew and strengthen Catholic identity in Catholic higher education, issued the following statement:

August 1, 2012, marks the formal beginning of the persecution of Catholic colleges and universities that wish to remain faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

As of today, the Obama administration is forcing Catholic colleges to help students and employees obtain no-cost sterilizations, abortion-causing drugs and contraceptives, and also “counseling” promoting these practices.

And who are the first victims of the Obama administration’s new Sexual Revolution? Catholic colleges and the parents of Catholic college students!

One year ago, when the Obama administration shocked the nation with “interim final” regulations for its HHS mandate, it publicly admitted that it had rushed the rules to ensure that college students get “contraceptive services” in the 2012-2013 school year. Many student insurance plans renew in August.

In other words, the Obama administration’s desire to support students’ sexual activity without even one year’s delay is precisely why:

1)      they rushed to publish a poorly constructed religious exemption, and

2)     they refused to accept comments on the interim regulations until after they were issued.

Many news publications have deceptively reported that the HHS mandate is delayed another year for religious institutions, without explaining that many religious colleges and employers cannot meet the Obama administration’s arbitrary criteria for the delay.

Catholic colleges that covered “contraceptive services” as of February 10, 2012, are ineligible for the delay. But infidelity is not the only reason why Catholic colleges may be affected:

·         They may have complied with state laws which violate religious freedom.

·         They may have been unaware of provisions included in their health plans by insurance companies or by college personnel in prior years.

·         They may operate in areas without affordable coverage that excludes contraception.

Moreover, the past infidelity of a Catholic college is no excuse for the federal government to violate that college’s First Amendment right to uphold Catholic teachings.

And further, the Obama administration is violating the rights of Catholic parents who send students to Catholic colleges, reasonably expecting their religious beliefs to be upheld. There is no religious freedom when the federal government prevents Catholic families from freely choosing authentic Catholic education.

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  • Quonium

    “Fair is foul and foul is fair”….as true today as it was 400 years ago.

  • Poppiexno

    The Son of Lies and his minions have been ruthlessly efficient in their effort to “fundamentaly change” or cuture and deminish our liberty. I shudder to think of the consequences if the Son of Lies wins reelection in November.

  • Kay

    What will be more tragic is if these Catholic Institutions go ahead and comply.  I hope they shut down first.

  • The HHS Mandate is In Effect: Stand With Us!

  • The HHS Mandate is In Effect: Stand With Us!

  • SenilityPlus

    Maybe they SHOULD just shut down.  THEN, there’ll be a real riot!  Obama wouldn’t be able to stand up to that.   I remember what happened when the Bishop of Milwaukee “offered” to close all Catholic school in his diocese because some people were offended that Catholic schools received library books undetr a Federal grant.

  • PhilJourdan

    Obama would send in the national guard and force them to remain open.

  • spudnik

    While I think that Obama stands a better chance of winning by stirring
    the pot of the culture war than by running on the economy, I think it’s
    more than that. The HHS mandate was a full frontal assault on the
    freedom of conscience of Catholics and others, done in broad daylight in
    an election year. Some thought his timing was unwise but I think it’s
    precisely the point. I think he is running as the candidate who will put
    Christians in their place and is looking for the imprimatur of a
    reelection to do just that. Of course he would never say that. He
    would rather talk about “freedom of worship” while driving Catholic
    hospitals out of business and have his buddy Rahm draw a line in the
    sand on ideological conformity. But don’t underestimate the number of
    people who would like to see Christians marginalized and silenced (or
    worse) once and for all. And BTW that is why they are always on about
    how Christians are “haters”: pure projection.

  • Annamarie53

    It is long past time for every person of conscience, whether of a particular faith or not, to cease to be afraid to stand up to the persecution we are experiencing through the sneaky tactics of the Obama administration to force us out of existence.  This administration must be shown we are not pawns that exist at their pleasure and for their own gratification.  Obama has shown time and again (especially when he is off teleprompter) what he thinks of us “peons.”
    We showed on Aug. 1st, 2012 that we could fight back in a peaceful way when every Chic-Fil-A in the country of which I am aware were packed to the rafters with smiling, good hearted folks who wanted to show that they could not be pushed around willy-nilly by those of socialist bent.  Who do these mayors and other government officials think they are?
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed the reining powers that be that positive change could be wrought without the hatred we see coming from the left, never from the right.  He simply proved it could be done.  That those who marched with him back then have now largely gone over to the other side is crime enough.  We do not have to be complicit in this monstrosity.  The time to be meek and silent, as well as purposefully ignorant is over!  The stakes are too great.  We answer to a far higher power than those who are trying to shut us up and force us to do their will.
    Please, Lord, be with us, give us all courage, and most of all, give us the courage to care!

  • God bless all Catholic Americans and our federal government that needs God more than ever!

  • Proteios1

    I don’t think he would, PJ. I think the left would be happy as can be to have Catholic schools and universities, adoption agencies and other social service and charity groups completely disband and disappear. There are too many politicians and others who have more or less stated this fact to think they wouldn’t break out the champagne and claim victory if we simply shut down. Sure there would be confusion and disruption in the short term. And other universities would gladly mop up the funds…I mean students who are displaced. But I don’t think this government minds screwing people over to accomplish an agenda. I can think of a presidency in my lifetime that would.
    So I think we must persist, but it will take resolve and creativity.

  • PhilJourdan

    Please, while I agree with your overall comment (my response was flippant), do not call me PJ – that is my mother.  Call me Phil or Jourdan or “hey you”.

  • Patti V

    In 3 more months, we have the oppertunity to change this, by voting out this administration  and bringing in people who truly love America and believe in living by our constitution and original bill of rights.  Tell everyone you know  “be sure to vote”.  If the “christians”  will all get out and vote, we can change a lot of things.

  • How?  How would he prevent the owners from simply trashing the place?  I mean, if the Catholic hospitals really wanted to shut down and make sure that no Catholic resources were used to enforce government edicts, they could say to their employees, “Today we send all the patients home, and tomorrow is your last day on the job.  Once all the patients have been released or transferred, take anything you can carry and break anything you can’t.”  You can’t arrest someone for breaking their own property, or for breaking things the owner gave permission to break.

    If you really want somebody’s stuff, you don’t put him in a position where he has both the motive and the opportunity to destroy it out of spite to make sure you can’t take it.

  • PhilJourdan

    IN the first place, the Church would not trash the place.  The fact they started them in the first place dictates they would not.  But they would have to shutter them.  Obama would then confiscate private property for no compensation in direct violation of the Constitution (he already has done so).  Thus he would send in the guard to occupy  the buildings, force the laborers to work against their will, until such time as they could be replaced.

  • The Truth

    And Dolan invites Obama to dinner.