Religion Haunts Democratic Convention

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on the role that atheists are seeking at the Democratic National Convention:

“The Democrats are in a jam. Long the party of choice for atheists, they have profoundly alienated people of faith from joining their ranks, so much so that they have lost the last two elections because of these so-called values voters. But now that they are reaching out to the faithful, however clumsily, they have angered the atheists.

“No one is in a jam more than Leah Daughtry, the religious point-person for the Democrats and CEO of the Convention. She has been boasting a lot lately about her effort to have the first Democratic convention start with a religious service, but not only is her boast unwarranted, it has drawn fire from atheists. 

“To begin with, the Democratic Convention is not starting with a religious service: it is being held on August 24, the day before the convention begins. It is still not clear whether clergy will be allowed to wear religious garb, but the venue has been decided. According to the New York Times, ‘the service [will] be held in a theater, in neutral, secular space, so as not to offend anyone.’ Among those who are already offended by the watered-down event is the Secular Coalition of America.

“The Coalition says the meeting ‘excludes nontheistic Democrats’ and is ‘divisive rather than unifying.’ Accordingly, they have asked Daughtry for an invitation to be there, adding, naturally, that ‘this whole situation could be avoided if no interfaith gathering existed in the first place.’ Daughtry, sporting her inclusive stripes, questioned, ‘Atheists speaking at an interfaith service…does that work? I don’t quite know. But they’re part of the Party, you treat them with respect.’ She still hasn’t answered.

“Meanwhile the Freedom from Religion Foundation is posting a billboard near the Convention Center that says, ‘KEEP RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS.’ Looks like they may have scored one with the Dems.”

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  • Grace Harman

    The Party has lost all sense of faith or morals. It is buried in relativism and denial of God’s TRUTH.

  • I’d give strong odds to the Secular Coalition of America doing their best to disrupt said services, no matter how watered down they may be.

  • Welcome to the cultural meltdown that is 21st-century America. I remember back in the 1970’s, my Grandfather, who was a farmer from a small town in North Dakota, used to call the Democrats the “party of the baby-killers” (he was never much at a loss for words, my Grandpa). I’ve never been able to figure out how he saw so clearly 30 years ago what I’ve just figured out in the past few years. Was it prophetic insight? Or just the clear-eyed moral view that a lifetime of tending the soil will give you? Either way, he was right, and there hasn’t been much to the Democratic party ever since they adopted that plank of their platform, sorry to say.

  • bambushka

    Leah Daughtry must get really dizzy riding that merry-go-round. No God, no peace.

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