Earlier our Lord consoled the disciples by assuring them that He would

send them the Holy Spirit after He went away (verse 7).  Now He gives them fur-

ther consolation: He is not leaving them permanently, He will come back to stay

with them.  However, the Apostles fail to grasp what He means, and they ask

each other what they make of it.  Our Lord does not give them a direct explanation,

perhaps because they would not understand what He meant (as happened before:

cf. Matthew 16:21-23 and paragraph).  But He does emphasize that though they

are sad now they will soon be rejoicing: after suffering tribulation they will be filled

with a joy they will never lose (cf. John 17:13).  This is a reference primarily to the

Resurrection (cf. Luke 24:41), but also to their definitive encounter with Christ in