Recognize our Day

Nowadays, it is so important that we get our facts straight. We check and double check to make sure that the information we have is accurate. And so we ask questions, clarify and analyze so that we can arrive at a correct judgment about our information. Simple, isn’t it? And yet, we find in the gospel how in our want to be accurate we fail to see the truth. We miss out on the truth about who Christ is. We read that when the Son of Man came, he ate and he drank and everyone. Some said he was a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and other outcasts. No one seemed to recognize him to be the Christ, the Messiah, the King.

The people today may be compared to children sitting in the marketplace, seemingly uninvolved with the on-goings around them. Music is played but people don’t dance. Funeral songs are sung but no one is crying. What has happened to us? The innocence of a child is no more. We use our minds to make sense of all that we experience but we miss out on the more important aspect of believing and having faith in the One who loves us. As we see in the gospel today, it was difficult for the people then to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Sadly, it can also be quite a challenge for us to recognize Christ today. If we keep our minds at work and fail to recognize the Lord with the eyes of our hearts, it would be such a big loss for us.

My Lord, help me to recognize you in my daily comings and goings. Grant me your grace to see and recognize you always – in every person and in everything around me.

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