Professor Publicly Admonishes Bishop for Lack of Pro-Life Leadership at Pro-Life Awards Luncheon

A University of Maine professor publicly chastised a bishop for not putting his pro-life rhetoric into action, by denying pro-abortion Catholic politicians Communion. Earth sciences professor Terrence Hughes told Diocese of Portland Bishop Richard J. Malone that he is “talking the talk” while failing to “[walk] the walk,” according to a report.

Hughes told Bishop Malone that his promotion of the pro-life cause is hypocritical, given that he does not direct his priests to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians. “The action you took is in direct contrast to the words you share with us today,” Hughes stated.

Bishop Malone was the key speaker at an annual Pro-Life Education Association awards luncheon. Malone said he would not change his position to continue giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians, arguing that he would rather convince them of their wrong first.

“These people have not been excommunicated,” Bishop Malone argued. “A whole lot of our Catholic brothers and sisters are not with us on this thing. We need to engage these people in dialogue.”

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