Pro-Palestinian Bias in Media Reports

A high-profile conservative broadcaster says he hopes the latest terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens will serve as a wake-up call to the Bush Administration to abandon the “Roadmap to Peace.”

Close to two dozen people were killed last week when a homicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in west Jerusalem. Boston radio talk-show host Don Feder says there could be a benefit from the most recent act of terror by Palestinians.

“If this destroyed the 'Roadmap,' then some good would come out of all this evil — because if the roadmap is implemented, Israel will be destroyed. You can have a Jewish state or you can have a Palestinian state — [but] you can't have both,” he says.

In Feder's opinion, it is time for the Bush Administration to be less pro-Palestinian and more balanced in the conflict. “The Bush Administration has taken the position now that it's not going to pressure the Palestinians or the Palestinian Authority to stop terrorists, to dismantle the terrorists' infrastructure,” he says. “That's how much President George W. Bush … leans toward the Palestinians.”

Feder says Palestinian militants need to be recognized for the terrorists they are — or there will never be a solution to the Middle East conflict.

Feder is also upset over the way the national media covers acts of terror by Palestinians. The media, he says, chastises Israel while “whitewashing” the Palestinian terrorists. He points to the lead article in the New York Times the day after the bus bombing.

“Nowhere in [the article] do they describe the perpetrators of this horror as 'terrorists,'” he says. “They're referred to generally as 'militants' — sometimes 'radicals,' sometimes 'extremists,' sometimes 'suicide bombers' — but never as 'terrorists.'”

Feder, whose talk show is heard on WROL in Boston, says one cannot get more “terroristic” than to target innocent children on a bus. He believes the media's coverage will be slanted until the ideological imbalance ends and there are as many conservatives in the press as there are liberals.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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