Pro-Life Walk Across America Passes 2000-Mile Mark

US university and college students walking across America in promotion of the dignity of all human life have covered almost two-thirds of their route, passing through Chicago, Kansas and Louisiana

Organized by Crossroads, a national pro-life group of student volunteers that began in 1995, the walk to promote the sanctity of life from conception to natural death is in its twelfth year.

“Crossroads was started in response to the late John Paul II’s call to the youth of America at the World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado to ‘build a Culture of Life,’” said Crossroads president Jim Nolan in a press release. “He challenged the youth of America and the world to ‘Be not afraid’.”

“By their own admission, we know that abortion-rights advocates have lied to Americans about the reality of abortion,” said Crossroads national director Martha Nolan. “They have disregarded the harmful effects that abortion has on women, physically and psychologically, and the negative effect it has had on the culture, generally. But they are beginning to tell the truth about one thing: that the pro-life side is winning.”

There are three walks this summer, beginning May 18 in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, all ending at the Capitol in Washington, DC, August 12. Each group is made up of about 15 students. Altogether the walkers will cover over 9,500 miles, pass through 31 states and speak to hundreds of thousands of American people in churches along the way.

“We have learned that a silent majority of Americans are very supportive of our message that human life at all stages should be welcomed and protected,” said Brendan Flannery of Steubenville, Ohio.

“Although our nation is divided along cultural and moral lines, we have found that most of the people we’ve encountered are very eager to hear our message, which is essentially a message of hope,” said Martha Nolan.

“In the week that America celebrates the Declaration of Independence, it is a glaring contradiction that we should deny the right to life and liberty to millions of unborn persons. Until the cultural and moral problems that emanate from this crisis are settled, America will not be able to begin the healing process. But whatever happens politically, our purpose is to change hearts and minds, and we are in this fight for the long-haul.”

“If Roe v. Wade was overturned tomorrow, the culture would still require countless years of healing. In the end, this is not a political matter, it is cultural and moral.”

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