Pro-Life New Year’s Resolutions for 2008

On January 22nd of this year, we have to sadly admit that our country has lived with unfettered, legal access to abortion for thirty-five long, brutal years. Not only have millions of innocent lives been unjustly snuffed out in America but scores of millions more lives have been shattered in its wake. In the face of this national disgrace we must re-commit ourselves to being the solution to a problem of our own making. We can never accept it as the cultural status quo. So, at the beginning of our year, let's put a few good pro-life New Year's resolutions on the top of our "to do" lists this year.

First, let's look at our 2007 resolutions. A year ago I asked you to do four things: To find the local abortion clinic in your community and pray there at least three times in 2007; to find the local crisis pregnancy center and support it; to speak up in some forum and defend life, be it on the Internet, in a letter to the editor, or in conversations with friends, family and co-workers; and finally, to boycott the businesses that fund the death industry, especially though the Life Decisions International corporate boycott list (

I know that these are not always easy or simple things to do, but they are basic to our conscious refusal to get wrapped up in easy compliance with the abortion culture. If, by some chance, you have not been able to do them, make them part of your regular list of "highly important things."

 The 2008 resolutions focus on the Catholic Church's comprehensive view of the fight for life which has to do as much with the sanctity of marriage and the family as with the defense of life itself. Here are three pro-life New Year's resolutions for your 2008 list of priorities:

BE WISE: 2008 is the 40th anniversary of the papal encyclical on birth control, Humanae Vitae. Read it! Learn why the Catholic Church is still the leading voice of conscience about the single most influential factor in creating and maintaining the abortion culture — contraception;

BE VIGILANT: After you read Humanae Vitae you will understand the evil of contraception. It is a demon that enters into the sanctuary of a marriage. Chase it out of your marriage with the same vigor as you would chase an intruder out of your home. And then, make sure your kids and grandkids know why contraception is not a benign "lifestyle choice" and is the worst possible preparation for marriage;

BE A PRAYER WARRIOR: Join HLI's St. Michael the Archangel Campaign and pray every day for the conversion of abortionists. Abortion doesn't just happen. Someone with a medical degree and sharp instruments commits these crimes against humanity and makes loads of money off the death of innocents. These people need serious conversion, and our prayers will bring many of them out of the darkness and into the Light.

As Catholics, we believe that Christ is the Light of the world and in particular of all those who sit in the darkness of death. May this new year bring us renewed commitment to shine Christ's Light both in the deepest recesses of our homes and families and to those who are caught up in the demonic abortion culture.

Human Life International wishes God's choicest blessings to all of you in 2008!

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    35 years is an amazingly long time, I cant imagine what the effects of what we are doing to ourselves is.  When we look at the headlines in the news we can start to see the effects.  But I believe we are only at the beginning of realizing the terrible repercussions of our actions.  I noticed in one news report that South Korea is now offering special benifits to parents for having children.  All the years of discouraging parents from having too many children is causing them a crisis, now they dont seem to have enough young people.

    Also, I'm glad you mention contraception and the churches teaching on this subject.  I believe contraceptives and abortion are very muched linked together.

    People should also look up the story of Our Lady of America.  In the 1950's our heavenly Mother called for America to honor her with their purity.  We have failed badly at answering this call and abortion, I believe, is one of the products of this impurity.