Pro-Life Coalition to Launch “The Pill Kills” Day June 5

A large coalition of pro-life groups has announced plans to protest the damage wreaked by the morning-after pill, the “hormonal bomb” whose effects on women, their unborn children, and the environment have gone largely unreported by the mainstream media.

“This year, birth control advocates are celebrating 50 years of decriminalized hormonal contraceptives,” announced the coalition in a press release Tuesday. “American Life League and our co-sponsors don’t think half a century of contaminating our waterways is something to celebrate.” The release points out a number of studies that have found devastating effects of the high levels of estrogen released into water supplies thanks to the pill, which have been linked to declining male fertility and mutations in male fish.

In addition, while the morning-after pill is usually billed as a contraceptive, the drug can also cause abortion by changing a woman’s uterine lining so that a newly-conceived unborn child cannot attach and receive nourishment from its mother. In addition, the pill has been linked to the deaths of otherwise healthy women, through fatal blood clots, heart attacks, strokes.

“The Pill Kills Day,” the largest nationwide protest of its kind, will include activists, scientists and educators in planned protests all across the nation on June 5. They say that they will demand “honesty” from America’s pharmaceutical companies and government about how birth control is hazardous to children, women’s health and the environment.

One group will assemble at the Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington D.C. on 16th street at 11 a.m.

“How long will we stand by and ignore the fact that hormonal contraception wreaks havoc on our children, women’s health and the planet?” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

Katie Walker, Communications Director for ALL, said that the protest represented a key front for pro-lifers striving to recapture the culture.

“Too often pro-lifers are silent on birth control, but the silence has to end if we’re serious about establishing human rights for all human beings,” Walker told Tuesday. “The contraceptive mindset that was ushered in with the decriminalization of the birth control pill paved the way for a culture and society that degrades human sexuality, ignores human dignity and treats human beings’ lives as optional and disposable.”

Walker noted that “birth control and abortion have gone hand in hand from the very beginning – perhaps because birth control can often act as an abortion.”

The Pill Kills project, said Walker, is meant to educate both pro-lifers and others on the often hidden negative effects of the morning-after pill – including its impact on the ecosystem. “In a world obsessed with ‘going green,’ we hope to use this hypocritical acceptance of birth control – which is a notorious pollutant – to open up a conversation about the pill that you won’t hear anywhere else,” she said.

The protest is co-sponsored by:

American Life League
Human Life International
Pro-Life Wisconsin
Pharmacists for Life International
Archdiocese of Mobile Respect Life
Operation Rescue
Jill Stanek
Generation Life/Brandi Swindell
Life Education Ministry
Pro-Life Unity
Movement for a Better America
AMEN (Abortion Must End Now)
Pro-Life Action of Oregon
Children of God for Life
Expectant Mother Care/Chris Slattery
Mother and Unborn Baby Care
Defenders of the Unborn
California Right to Life Education Fund
Delaware Pro-Life Coalition
Life Guard
Homeschoolers for Life
Focus Pregnancy Center
Central Texas Voices for Life
Dubuque County Right to Life

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