Pro-Family Man Chosen for Library Board, Despite Protest by Homosexual Groups

Despite a 33-signature petition begun by homosexual groups, the North Algona Wilberforce Township Council appointed pro-family advocate Ken O’Day to the Board of the Bonnechere Union Public Library last Wednesday.

O’Day chose to apply for the Board position because he has been upset with the library’s offerings, including most notably a pornographic movie.  "If nobody is going to take a leadership role, then somebody has to," he told in July.

The library has replaced many of its older books, he told LSN today, and "the new books are very liberal, abundantly feminist and pro-Gore in environmentalism," he said.  They are "very one-sided."

At the interview with the Council for the position, O’Day said, "I told them…that…if they wanted everything to run smooth…, without any complaints or any changes, then she [the other applicant] was certainly the one to get, but I said, if you take me, you’re going to have disagreement and some accountability.  Even in spite of that, they took me."

In his advocacy at the library, O’Day is not trying to limit the content of books, he says, but quite the opposite.  "They think I want to restrict the books, but what I want to do is expand it to getting more alternate viewpoints," he told LSN.

He expects his cause will be difficult, pointing out that five of the seven Board members are from another Council supporting the library, who are "very liberal."  Nevertheless, he says he will do his research at the library to prove his point, and will make sure his voice is heard.

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