Pro-Abortion Group Turns to Blasphemy

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The ad, part of NARAL's new 4-year, $10 million-per-year campaign to restore “pro-choice leadership” to Congress and the White House, features a woman praying — praying, mind you — to God for the “wisdom” and “courage” to make a decision to kill an unborn baby.

If that isn't twisted and sick, nothing else is either — asking God, our Father, who teaches us the sanctity and miracle of life, for the strength to kill one of His children.

I would love to pray for NARAL's leaders: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

But I'm afraid they do know exactly what they are doing, and are proud of it, because this isn't the first time NARAL has insulted the sensibilities of the majority of Americans. Readers of my column may remember the last time I criticized NARAL's abysmal behavior.

I wrote a Jan. 13, 2000, column describing another television commercial the group aired nationally.

Those spots “swimmingly portray the argument of 'pro-choice' as being one that is supportive of the good, old-fashioned American principles of 'freedom' and true 'independence.' The commercial evokes images and allusions to our founding fathers to suggest that they gave up their lives, freedom and prosperity to fight for, among other things, a 'woman's right to choose,'” I wrote.

“The commercial — produced with a woman's voice-over and filled with charitable images of older Americans, women and families — deigns to suggest that as an American woman who is pro-choice, 'I accept responsibility for my actions'” — which, I said, was “probably the best example of hypocrisy in the whole sorry, morally and intellectually bankrupt 'debate' for the 'right' to kill our unborn children.”

NARAL has resorted to patriotic images and, now, Christian values to “sell” its belief in murdering unborn children. NARAL's logo even features a bust of the Statue of Liberty.

Such overt attempts to portray the group's position as an inherently normal part of American life — one allegedly steeped in the liberty of our traditional roots — tells me somebody there has a heckuva guilty conscience.

If killing unborn babies indeed was so “normal” and “traditional,” my impression is that NARAL wouldn't have to try so hard to portray abortion as such.

But like I said, the group's leaders must be getting desperate. And why? Because I believe the message of killing anyone — born or unborn — is resonating less with fewer and fewer people.

That's as it should be. School shootings, coupled with a series of high-profile child murders and crimes, are — I believe — forcing Americans to re-examine this culture of death we have created for ourselves and, sadly, for our children. Those that we don't kill ourselves, that is.

Have you ever wondered: How hypocritical is it for our society to “demand” more “protections” for our children while at the same time supporting pre-emptive strikes against them while they're in the womb? Either way children are dying and in both cases are equally vulnerable.

If we are serious about creating a new environment of protecting life, however, there can be no place for merchants of death like NARAL. We should readily reject any group's feeble attempts to tie its death message to “God, liberty, and justice for all.”

Abortion is not “just,” and there is nothing about it that God would sanction. God doesn't sanction death. He sanctions life.

As long as abortion remains legal, though, there will always be a number of pro-death groups like NARAL. And there will always be a number of individuals and corporations that support such messages of death. Consequently, there will always be a “message of death” hanging over society, competing with that message of life most of us seem to prefer.

For if one thing is true, it is this: If a society cannot even muster the compassion, will, and outrage to protect our most vulnerable citizens — the unborn — then why in the world should we expect that society to protect those who “make it”?

On that note, NARAL is right, America. We have a “choice” about the kind of society we want.

We can either put up with one that devalues all forms of life, or we can insist upon one that protects all forms of life. But we cannot have it both ways, as we are now trying to do.

As a society, it is past time for us to recognize that this hellish social experiment was a complete and dismal failure. It's time we stopped sanctioning and rewarding irresponsible personal sexual behavior.

Admittedly, I pray daily about abortion, that our leaders will someday recognize this depravity for what it is — a socially destructive force — and move quickly to dispel its evil.

As far as NARAL's version of this prayer goes, my guess is God isn't listening.

Neither should we.

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