Private NY School Bans Mother’s and Father’s Day Observances

by Fred Jackson and Jody Brown

(AgapePress) – In perhaps one of the most outrageous examples of “political correctness” to date, the New York Post reported Tuesday that an upscale school in Manhattan has decided to ban the celebration of Mother's Day and Father's Day. The primary reason appears to be that school officials are worried about offending students raised by homosexual couples.

The Post says students at Rodeph Sholom Day School came home last Friday with an unusual note tucked in their book bags. That note from Cindi Samson, the director of the school's lower elementary division, said that after much thought and discussion this past year, the school decided not to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day this year.

According to Samson's note, “families in our society are now diverse and varied,” and because the school has many “different family make-ups,” it needs to recognize the “emotional well-being of all the children in our school.” She also said the holidays do nothing to enhance the school's writing and arts program.

“Holidays that serve no educational purpose and are not vital to the children's education need to be evaluated in terms of their importance in a school setting,” Samson's note stated. “[R]ecognition of these holidays in a social setting may not be a positive experience for all children.”

According to the report, one outraged mother — who asked not to be identified — says the decision is an inappropriate and politically correct response. “There are ways of showing sensitivity to the needs of children in unusual situations that don't require undermining traditional family structures,” she said. Another parent suggested that children without moms or dads could do something to honor grandparents instead.

Samson tells the Post the school's decision was not based on a single case. However, the newspaper quotes one parent who says the new directive came last week after a man, who adopted his son with a male partner, boasted that he had persuaded administrators to remove Mother's Day from the school's holiday list.

The newspaper reports Rodeph Sholom Day School, which is affiliated with a Reform Jewish synagogue, observes most Jewish and American holidays. It also reports the school will continue to allow children four years of age and younger to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day.

(This update courtesy of Agape Press.)

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