PRI Releases Humorous Cartoon To Illustrate Overpopulation Myth

PRI has released the first in a series of humorous cartoons intended to disprove the myth of overpopulation.

This video, a minute and a half long, deftly refutes common misconceptions about world population, poverty, resource consumption, and the United Nations.

“We wanted it to be accessible,” says Joseph Powell, PRI’s editor and webmaster, who developed the project and did most of the animating. “The myth of overpopulation is so prevalent, and yet nobody even has a clear idea about what overpopulation means. The idea of a world with no room or food is terrifying, but all it takes is checking the facts see how silly the whole thing is. We hope this video will do that for people.”

The video, available at PRI’s YouTube page (, also has an accompanying web site: This site, Powell says, presents the facts and figures behind the video in a little more detail, while still remaining accessible. It also features downloadable content, and links for hard, scientific sources.

“With the site,” explains Joel Bockrath, PRI’s Vice President for Operations, “we really wanted to reach out to people, especially students and teachers, who feel alone in defending this position. We wanted to give people easily viewable and downloadable content that they could use to back up their arguments.”

“All in all,” says Steven Mosher, PRI’s president, “we think this is a great resource for those who know that the overpopulation argument is false, but haven’t had access to the facts and figures they need to argue against it. Precisely since the information is being presented in a humorous, engaging way, we feel like this could go a long way toward disproving a myth that has caused untold suffering throughout the world.”

This video is beginning to appear on web sites already, including and Use YouTube’s “embed” option to put the video on your blog or web page today!

[CE Editor’s note: Check out the video for yourself on the front page of our Theology of the Body channel. just scroll down and look at the right column.]

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