President Obama For Life?

No not pro-life, for life; like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Comrade Bob Mugabe, and that Honduran wannabe, Manuel Zelaya.

I am not a proponent of CIA sponsored right wing coups, or dictatorships of any stripe. On the other hand, all branches of the legitimate Honduran government, including his own ruling party, deposing Zelaya, as he attempted to illegally circumvent the Honduran constitution is another thing.

But our President castigates the defenders of the Honduran constitution and supports Zelaya and his Marxist dictator allies. Just what we need, another Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez on our back porch. Obama and Hillary Clinton couldn’t stay neutral, couldn’t note that Zelaya brought this on himself by his own attempt to subvert his own country’s constitutional term limit for presidents?

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature bill to extend O’s eight years. Yes, a congressional House resolution , H.J.Res.5, filed by a New York Democrat, to repeal the 22nd Amendment and allow President Obama to run for unlimited terms. The resolution was filed on January 6, 2009, before the Inauguration of the President. That is the kind of hubris that puts any Republican ambitions to shame. With a new supermajority in the Senate, control of the House, and more Supreme Court appointments to come, it’s getting scary out there, if the 2010 elections don’t restore some political balance.

And to think only a few years ago some people were worried about an Evangelical theocracy in America.

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