President Bush and Senator McCain Address National Right to Life Conference

During [the July 3rd] National Right to Life Conference, President George Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain gave video addresses to the audience, in which they expressed their support for the unborn’s inherent right to life and their unity with the country’s pro-life reports that after thanking the audience for their “commitment to protecting the unborn,” the President exclaimed, “The nation’s Declaration of Independence exists to give the right to life to the unborn.”

“I have proudly stood with you to make sure this nation stands up for this noble promise,” continued Bush, joining himself with the crowd. “For eight years we have stood together to defend the principle that every human life has value.”

Bush told viewers that he has also fought to keep taxpayers’ dollars from funding abortions and reminded them that he had signed the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which “allows prosecutors to charge those who harm a pregnant woman and who harm or kill her unborn child as well.”

The President then described the importance of the Born Alive Infants Protection act, which forces health care facilities to protect those babies who have survived botched abortions.  He also told viewers that he had teamed up with pro-life activists to ensure partial-birth abortion was banned.

The President went on to advocate stem-cell research, provided it does not terminate human life.

“We have embraced the healing potential of stem cell research but made sure federal research is conducted within ethical limits and clear boundaries without destroying human life,” Bush said.

“I look forward to working with you to reach the day when every child is welcomed into life and protected in law,” he concluded.

According to LifeNews, Republican presidential candidate John McCain told viewers that the right to life is the most fundamental right upon which all other rights stand.

“More than 200 years ago out nation’s founder declared that we are endowed with certain inalienable rights and among these is the right to life,” McCain explained. “It was no accident that they cited life as the first and most basic right. Without recognition of the right to life, we are not guaranteed any other rights.”

“I have been pro-life my entire public career and I am pro-life because I know what it’s like to live without human rights and where life is accorded no value,” said the presidential candidate.

McCain, like Bush, said he has always worked to separate taxpayers dollars from abortions and reiterated to the crowd his past pro-life initiatives, including his votes supporting the banning of partial-birth abortion and opposing Roe v. Wade.

“I will proudly defend my record defending human life during any debates on domestic and international policy,” said McCain.

“Wisdom suggests we should be willing to give an unborn child the same chance our parents gave us,” he added. “We can’t fail to respect the inherent dignity of all human life, born or unborn.”

McCain then issued a strong statement to America’s leaders and future leaders: “The most important duty of our national leaders is to protect human life and you need only to examine my public record to know I won’t change my position.”

The presidential candidate also reminded viewers that his pro-life stance makes him neither politically popular nor wealthy.

“Unborn children don’t have the same vote or voice and can’t reward you with donations,” he said.

Appealing to the future aspirations of the crowd to re-criminalize abortion, McCain spoke on the importance of the Supreme Court “to return to their proper role.”

“I will appoint Supreme Court nominees who have a proven record of excellence in the law and a proven commitment to strictly interpreting the Constitution,” he said.

McCain widened his focus to encompass all those at risk from the culture of death, saying America needs to “protect the lives of the most vulnerable whether they are unborn, the elderly or disabled.”

“I am proud to stand with you to defend the sanctity of human life,” concluded McCain. “Thank you for your commitment to a cause that is greater than us all – protecting human life and women and children wherever they need our support.”

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  • mac286

    McCain was right to address the NRTL, but he refuses to address the issue of abortion and the right to life during his campaign stumping. Clearly, he is trying to portray himself as moderate, but this is a failed strategy. Obama is the most pro-abortion Senator. He supports federal legislation that would trump state regulation of abortion, such as parental consent laws, etc. Further, he opposed parental consent laws, bans on partial birth abortion and he even voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which would require doctors to provide medical assistance to babies who survive abortions. In other words, he does not believe doctors should be required to provide medical assistance to babies who survived abortion. Why McCain is not capitalizing on Obama’s radical pro-abortion stance is confusing. He needs to attack Obama on this issue if he expects to win.