POTUS Take Note: African Views on Marriage

I believe that every design, good or bad, starts in the heart of the designer; every building plan arises in the imagination of the architect and every sculpture is conceived in the creative thoughts of the sculptor.
It is becoming increasingly evident that a new design has been conceived in the imagination of the wealthiest class of social engineers and cultural architects in the Western world.
The most terrifying and disconcerting thing about this reality is that when all is said and done and the new design is unveiled for all to see, it would entail or even demand the deconstruction of what has always been.
POTUS AfricaIt was with great shock and horror that many people across the developing world received the recent ruling by the SCOTUS that reflected a tectonic shift in the perception and reception of marriage in America. This has of course happened at the same time when the blood-curdling victory cries of the LGBT rights advocates are resounding over France , UK ,  Australia  and even parts of Latin America where the new world order is being established. In these parts of the world, the rulers and leaders are declaring in an almost dictatorial manner their unshakable stance on the redefinition of marriage and reconfiguration of family structure through new legal mandates, new parliamentary moves and new executive manoeuvres. Almost in a synchronised fashion we are seeing heads of state making public commitments to the promotion and propagation of LGBT causes at all costs in compliance with this new design of culture and civilisation. It is a forceful and self-asserting new design which is vehemently demanding the deconstruction and demolition of that which has been the bedrock of all known civilisations for millennia: stable traditional marriage that leads to solid family structures.
So at this point in history the world is breathlessly witnessing and watching as the judicial sledgehammers, the parliamentary chainsaws and the executive bulldozers are put to work, across America, Europe and Oceania, in an effort to reshape society into a new ultra-modern format where the family unit is fluid, where procreation techniques abound, where parental roles are interchangeable and where people are androgynous.
As this redesigned civilisation takes shape, it shows itself to be totalitarian and tyrannical. There is less and less tolerance for resistance. Conscientious objectors and dissenters are either chopped off, knocked down or just reconditioned to fit into this modern universe.
So this begs the question: where does Africa stand in this redefined and redesigned world? I ask this question from deep concern for my people because I know that the African society will stand out in this new universe as a strong dissenter and resistor to the fluid family structure with interchangeable parental roles or the rise of the regime of rented wombs or the possibility of a 2-mother household or a 4-grandfather reality .
As these new possibilities are completely inconceivable to the African mind and consciousness, will Africa then be chopped off, knocked down or just reconditioned to fit in ? Will African nations be punished into submission as is the fate of increasing numbers of men and women who have voiced their concerns or objections in Europe or America ?
The POTUS, on his recent tour of Africa, made some saturated comments about equality in Africa and the need to treat everyone as equals, especially in national policies and laws .
Could he have been talking about the African women living in dire and difficult circumstances across the continent? Could he have been referring to the plight of the poorer people or the abhorrent caste systems still being practiced in parts of Africa? Could he have been talking about the deep racial and ethnic discrimination causing tension in many parts of Africa?
No! It was abundantly clear that the POTUS was speaking about the reception and elevation of the LGBT life-style in Africa . His barbed and spiked double entendre was most likely referring to the place of same-sex “marriages” and unions in the African society, that the LGBT lifestyle (which is highly applauded and acclaimed in his world) be likewise accepted in the African culture and so be given legal status in African countries, irrespective of the people’s thoughts and beliefs. In other words, he wants the Africans to pick up their own judicial sledgehammers and executive hacksaws so as to deface and deconstruct what we all know and understand as family life in our world.
Fortunately , the response to this implied suggestion of the POTUS was immediate, swift and unanimous as many of our African leaders fearlessly spoke up to reaffirm and reassert the unflinching, unwavering commitment of Africa to stable family life firmly embedded in a healthy marriage culture .
Dear POTUS, I ask you, sir , with all due respect to your highly esteemed office , what if our African values and religious beliefs teach us to elevate the highest good of the family above sexual gratification ? What if the African society has been naturally wired to value the awesome wonder of natural conception and birth of children within the loving embrace of marriage? What if the greatest consolation of the African child is the experience of being raised by both mummy and daddy?
No child (in any part of the world) deserves to be raised in a motherless or fatherless home because it is almost always a vicious vortex of emotional trauma and turmoil.
The Africans know and understand this and as such will stand in defiance of your new design of marriage and family. For us to comply and conform with the draconian demands of your “modern” design will entail completely demolishing our own society, which is already afflicted with so many problems. In some parts of Africa, we are still trying to outlaw odious practices like female genital mutilation, so please don’t try to persuade  us to introduce yet another type of mutilation into our society. In many parts of Africa we are still trying to recover from the deep wounds inflicted by the aberration of marriage which is polygamous marriage; please don’t tell us to take on yet another aberration of marriage which is same-sex marriage. In some other parts of Africa we are still mourning and counting the graves of young people lost to AIDS –a deadly disease rooted in wide-spread sexual perversion and depravity, so please do not encourage our leaders to enact laws that will raise to the altars even more sexual depravity .
Africa wants to walk the path of authentic growth, development and stability, and this path is not paved in morally objectionable sexual “rights”  but rather in authentic rights that promote human flourishing and common good. So on this note, Africans ask for the alliance and friendship of all people of good will, including the POTUS and other great leaders in the Western world, provided they do not try to strip our Africa of her dignity which is rooted in stable family structure, provided they do not ask us to demolish our concretely formed views and value system in the face of their new design and provided they do not ask us to sacrifice the stability of our society at the altar of selfish sexual gratification.
This is the only way that Africa and Africans will fit into the new redesigned and redefined world .

Obianuju Ekeocha


Obianuju Ekeocha is originally from Nigeria, but has for the past six years has been living and working in the United Kingdom as a biomedical scientist. Her work, including the recent "An Open Letter to Melinda Gates," has been published in The Catholic Herald UK and other Catholic news outlets. Obianuju is also part of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Gospel of Life in Africa through the dissemination of good information, sensitisation and education.

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  • DianeMary

    Fantastic article filled with reasoned, faithful statements. I will be keeping this one for future reference.

  • Lee

    Words of strong conviction for one’s self and country. “Stop, we do not want this, which is not for the “common good” of our country.” Obianuju, I appreciate reading your words of community and family.This is precisely how I feel and think for my country.The devil has dug himself in deep, but as I hear and read, I truly believe that God’s children throughout the world are ready to come together to support one another in the name of freedom and the Truth. God made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He is a great designer and has a loving heart.We do not take our abusers lightly, and it is right to defend what has always been in place.
    Thank you for speaking openly.

  • Mancipium Mariae

    Obianuju, nwannem nwanyi, kedu? Great article written with passion and clarity. Yes, the design begins in the heart of the designer. God has created man and inscribed in his nature a law and beautiful design that man cannot but behold with wonder and accept with gratitude. The bottom line in all this debate about “gay” marriage is the forgetting that we are creatures and we will remain creatures. The laws of marriage as between a man and a woman in permanent, faithful, exclusive and life-giving union are so deeply imbued in human nature by the Creator long before the creation of any political state. Can you by will power change a law that you did not make? Even pagan cultures, with their widespread homosexual practices, had the common sense to uphold the sacred institution of marriage. It appears that common sense has been lost. But we still remain creatures and if we forget this fact, death is also at hand to offer us a bitter reminder.

  • Obianuju Ekeocha

    Manicipium mariae , a di m mma ! Many thanks for your own great insights.

  • Annamarie

    Please excuse my pitiful ignorance of your language, to the point that I am so unsure what is polite and proper to refer to an outstanding woman like you, that I will just go with what your short biography (a paragraph) in “Catholic Exchange” called you. Obianuju, you are a wonderful woman, one after my own heart. Never have I believed or behaved as if just because some group was making the most noise, it must follow that they are correct in their claims or “goals.” I cannot apologize for the pitiful excuse we now have for a president here in the U.S. I did not vote for this fool and I begged everyone else I came in contact with to not be sucked in by his lies, but to listen to him when he said exactly what he wanted to do to this country, which was to get rid of our Constitution and make us a socialist state! (It’s worked out well for all the other ones, hasn’t it?) In fact, he is the first who is SO awful that I no longer can force myself to respect him for the sake of his office, because it is HE who has disgraced it!

    Please know that there is a very large group of people here in America that not only despise his goals and actions, but also fear that he is “leading” our country, with all its beauty and abundance, down Satan’s dark road to destruction and even more disgrace! These people, like me, who are in total and complete opposition to him and his minions cannot seem to get our message out because the “alphabet soup” networks will not allow it to get out. Through all the tricks of which I am sure you are aware, if one of does make it to somehow be interviewed, they are treated as worse than the stray village’s idiot, sneering and snarling their contempt for all who do not see the POTUS as the “Messiah,” as he has become to them, and even referred to as such by some of their talking heads.

    There ARE many people here who agree with every word you said. Somehow, we must allow God to work in our hearts and make us brave. I fear the day is not far off when Christian martyrs in this country will be a reality, not only a subject of which we are vaguely aware as if it were something long ago and not applicable to our understanding of how our world works. I know you are already aware of all this as part of the formation of you, sadly.

    Please keep speaking the truth, don’t let us forget freedom is not free. God bless and keep you in all you do. Pray for us as we will and are praying for you.

  • James H, London

    If Africans in general, or even one ethnic group in Africa, can enforce a biblical marriage principle, the benefits should become apparent within about a generation:

    It does take effort, however, and there have to be stringent penalties on those who stray and – here’s the rub – especially on the mothers. Even Christian women who value marriage would balk at that.