The political phenomenon known as Sarah Palin is rocketing across the American landscape.  Her opponents are relentlessly working to stop her.   Their usual tactics of intimidation and innuendo are proving ineffective this time and they don’t understand why.The American people have connected with the lady from Alaska who is unabashedly in love with her husband, who delights in her children, who is proud of her non-cosmopolitan origins, and who also happens to be a successful Governor.  When she appeared before us last week, she introduced herself in that order.

She let us know that she was a wife and mom who got involved in the political process – not a politician who happened to have a family. 

That is what is making her opponents go berserk.

The feminists have spent decades telling us that our fulfillment as women can not come from being wives and mothers.  We have gone from revering motherhood to apologizing for it.  Women with large families are routinely asked the most intrusive and insulting questions about why they couldn’t or wouldn’t control their fertility.

And then Governor Palin appears with 5 children – and she obviously sees every one of them as a precious gift to her life.

The entertainment media establishment has promoted every sexual option BUT monogamy.  We have seen promiscuity, homosexuality, and adultery positively presented, and even promoted, in television and the movies.  But when a faithful married couple is part of the story, they are either old or old-fashioned, and almost always unhappy.

And then Governor Palin appears – and she is not only gorgeous and accomplished, she is happily committed to a man who she still smilingly and publicly calls “my guy” after more than 20 years of marriage.

The political media has labored to convince us that a social conservative could not be viable politically.  They have told us that radical liberalism is acceptable, but those who believe in the sanctity of life, the preservation of marriage, the defense of individual liberty, and the authority of God are not welcome in the halls of power.  They have convinced many seeking public office of the “necessity” to compromise on conservatism in order to attract voters.

And then Governor Palin appears – and she calmly tells the media that she doesn’t really care about their opinions and has no intention of remaking herself into someone who would be acceptable to them.  Whether that means changing her hairstyle or her positions on the issues.

Governor Palin isn’t popular because she is pretty, or smart, or accomplished – although she is all of those things. 

Governor Sarah Palin is popular because she is real.

One of the radical feminists said that the only thing Sarah Palin shared with her and other feminists was a chromosome.  Unfortunately for her, it appears that Governor Palin shares that chromosome and much more with the people of America.  At this moment, the people of this nation have decided that Governor Palin understands and shares their hearts. 

The attacks of her opponents will undoubtedly become more vicious and frenzied in the days ahead.  They will also continue to be ineffective.

Americans LIKE the lady from Alaska.  She reminds us of our own wives and mothers and sisters – able to be both gracious and tough, to build both family and community, and to openly honor both God and country.  No wonder she has captured our hearts.

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  • Patrick

    Subpoenas to be issued for theTroopergate probe: The Alaska Legislature is hastening its ethics investigation into Gov. Sarah Palin’s firing of her public safety commissioner, making it far more likely it will be completed before November’s election. – ” I think it’s important that the results of this investigation be known to the American people before voting,” Palin has launched a delaying tactic to put back any decision-making in the ethics probe.
    There is a growing credibility gap between what Sarah Palin says and what the facts are, between what she says she did and what the record shows she did, – highlighting her record on the so-called “bridge to nowhere.” Palin claims to have blocked an expensive federally funded project to build a bridge linking Ketchikan, a town of around 7,600 people, to an airport on the nearby island of Gravina. “I told Congress thanks but no thanks for that bridge to nowhere up in Alaska,” she has told cheering supporters at the Republican National Convention, at a rally in Ohio this week, and again in Virginia on Wednesday.
    A myth: “Sarah Palin never told Congress, ‘thanks, but no thanks’. In fact, she never told Congress anything — the appropriations process for the bridge happened before she became governor,” he said. And although most of the earmarks for the project — which involved more than one bridge and a road — were removed, On the same day that dozens of news organizations have exposed Governor Palin’s phony “bridge to nowhere” claim as a ‘naked lie, “I told Congress thanks but no thanks for that bridge to nowhere up in Alaska. If our state wanted a bridge we were going to build it ourselves,” Palin told the cheering crowds. She subsequently retained the Federal Funds she received. Alaska received “every cent of its application.”
    What about her association with the group that wants to make Alaska an Independent Country of which her husband was a member (unpatriotic?) In 2005, Palin wished them a “successful and Inspiring Convention”
    McCain and his running mate have also come under fire for saying that Palin sold the Governor’s private jet on eBay and made a profit. She did try to sell it on eBay but failed. The Legislature then ended up getting rid of it through other channels and at a loss; with a pending claim for $50,000.00
    While Palin has cut by more than half the amount of special funding Alaska requested from the federal government, Alaska nonetheless still asks for more money per capita than any other state in the nation, according to an analysis in the Anchorage Daily News. The paper reported that Palin has requested nearly 750 million dollars in earmarks in the two years she has been Governor, which equates to about 1,100 dollars per person.
    She also hired a lobbyist and traveled to Washington annually while acting as Mayor of tiny Wasilla and brought 27 million dollars in earmarks to the town of 6,300 (?), the paper reported.
    Obama’s requests total about 932 million in his three years as an Illinois Senator, or around 76 dollars per Illinois resident. An analysis by the Anchorage Daily News found that Palin has requested nearly 750 million dollars in earmarks in the two years she has been governor, which equates to about 1,100 dollars per Alaskan.
    In the latest of allegations about the first-term Alaska Governor, the Washington Post reported that Palin had billed state taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office!

  • Cooky642


  • guitarmom

    Patrick–I’m sorry to repeat myself on the boards, but since you’ve posted the same message in three places, I too will repeat my response.

    It seems that you’re criticizing Governor/Mayor Palin for doing her job. As governor, and as mayor, it was her job to lobby for appropriate federal funding for her constituents.

    As for the amount of money she successfully brought to Alaska from the federal government, we have to recognize that Alaska has unique challenges. A Medicaid recipient in Illinois might need a short ambulance ride to the hospital; an Alaska resident with the same injury will often require a plane ride.

    Perhaps instead of looking at dollars per capita from Washington, we should look at dollars per square mile. By that measure, Alaska would look downright miserly.

    Further, let’s not rely on innuendo. Does the per diem that Sarah Palin “billed state taxpayers for” require that she stay at the Governor’s residence, or might it reimburse the Governor for travelling to and from her family home? Unless we know the details, it’s not a valid criticism.

    Let’s also look at what Sarah Palin did and didn’t say at the Republican National Convention:
    -She said she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere, she didn’t say she returned the money. The question is, did she put the money to better use?
    -She said she “put” the jet on eBay, she didn’t say that’s where it sold. Her line was funny, not untruthful. The question is, does that $50,000 loss you mention take into account depreciation and operating costs?

    Bottom line, the criticisms I’ve heard of Governor Palin fall into the category of “It depends on how you look at it.” So far, nothing illegal, immoral or corrupt has been proven about her.

  • BerenCamlost

    I am going to be proud to vote for a ticket that has this woman on it and I am going to be giddy if liberals lose another election.